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What’s this wellness thing about, anyway? Athenaeum, Campus life

Truth be told, I’m just an average Joe. Like so many of you, I’m in decent shape. I’m not overweight, my body mass index is within range and a recent physical and stress test proved that I’m generally healthy. But, as I get older, I have realized that the pounds aren’t melting away like they did at one time and power walking to a meeting across campus requires a few extra minutes of recovery time. And let’s face it—skinny jeans were just not made for me.

On top of that, the perfect storm happened last week. My neighbor told me to save the date for her daughter’s June wedding, my husband started making plans for our summer beach vacation and we received information in the mail about our annual adult kickball league. It’s time. I need to drop a few pounds and take time—and action—to start feeling healthier and stronger.

Our next issue of RIT’s Athenaeum newsletter features a cover story about health and wellness at RIT. A coincidence, I assure you. But, what started as just another assignment has turned into a quest. I invite you to follow me for the next 10 weeks as I take my first exercise class on campus (Turbo Kick twice a week. Lord, help me…), meet with a wellness coach about my eating habits and even enjoy an occasional chair massage. I’ve been an RIT employee for 13 years and this is the first time I’m taking advantage of what this place has to offer. Shameful.

Will I reach my goals?
• Lose 10 pounds
• Start eating healthier (Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely refuse to completely give up the Heath Bar crunch cookies at Crossroads)
• Feel stronger

I’m getting on the wellness train. Now, let’s see where it leads.


  1. Ellen Shady
    Mar 10

    Good for you, Vienna! As for you needing to lose 10 lbs? No way. You look great!

  2. Vienna Carvalho
    Mar 10

    Thanks, Ellen. A 10 lb. weight loss (or more) would definitely be a bonus. But, I just really want to start feeling stronger — and not so tired. I'm really excited to do this, and I hope I can keep up with it! Seeing some results will definitely help maintain my motivation. We'll see!

  3. Marie Lang
    Mar 11

    Ellen — that's what I said!

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