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My wellness update Athenaeum

It’s week 5 and I’m still thoroughly enjoying my TurboKick class. I’ve made some friends—I don’t know their names, but we gravitate toward each other in class and roll our eyes and laugh at the same time when we feel like we’re going to pass out from a routine. Last week, we had a substitute instructor whose “TurboKick on steroids” sessions solidified the fact that I am sooooo far away from my fitness goals. But I’m still really excited to workout on campus and at home and have reached that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when my workout is over.

The April 12 issue of Athenaeum featuring my wellness cover story is at the printer and I’m in the process of creating a short, two-minute video that will accompany my story.

I’m totally psyched about my wellness activity this afternoon. Following my lunchtime TurboKick class, I will be taking advantage of one of the Better Me wellness offerings—a chair massage. (I know what you’re thinking: “It must be really difficult to be an embedded reporter and the level of commitment is just astounding.” Well, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to accurately tell the whole story. You can read more about this experience—and actually see it on my video—in my next blog post.)

I still have to meet with a wellness coach. Hopefully, I can start that next week. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m working really, really hard to lose 10 pounds, so maybe there’s something else I can be doing to help move things in the right direction. I’m stuck at a three-pound loss, so I need to start kicking this thing into high gear if I want to lost seven more by June.

Pick up Athenaeum next week—and enjoy!

  1. Pete
    Apr 11

    Hey congrats on sticking with it! Just remember when it comes to fitness, it's not the numbers that count, 3, 10, 1, 6... ask yourself, "how am I feeling." That is a true test of your success. I'd hate for you to spend too much time on a number goal and not a wellness goal. Always try new things. New workouts, new foods, and new pastimes can really keep you energized and excited at the same time, both physically and mentally.

    And btw... you, and a few others, have inspired me to get back into my wellness routine.

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