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I talk a lot about how my transition from working at the Democrat and Chronicle to University News has affected my personal and professional life, but I usually fall short of mentioning how others in my life are adjusting. And one very important little guy has had to make a lot of changes, too.

Dylan, who just turned 2 years old last week, is on a whole new schedule now. Time for food is different, time for play is different. So are bedtime and wake-up time. Even potty time is different! And even though he spends most of the day home alone in his crate, I think he’s adjusting well.

My husband and I adopted our lab-retriever/pit bull mutt last summer, and he’s the first dog for both of us. I worried that another change in his routine so soon would cause problems — and being new at this whole pet-parenting thing certainly didn’t help our jitters. To our relief, he caught on quickly. No accidents, no illness, no problem. What a good boy!

My husband and I both agree that introducing a dog into our little family was the most rewarding decision we’ve ever made. Dylan gives us something to take care of and love, and he definitely returns the favor tenfold.

Pets have so much to offer their people—and even people who aren’t their people! Therapy dogs visited NTID students in February for a much-needed break from studying. We’ve even had a service-dog-in-training on campus!

I haven’t been here long enough to know much more about RIT’s history with our furry friends (though I did hear we had a real tiger at one point and that feral cats live around campus), so please feel free to share the stories I’m missing out on by commenting here or tweeting me @MarieDLang.

  1. Pete
    Apr 25

    I wish we had a little more freedom on campus to bring our furry friends with us now and again. I remember while attending classes on campus a few years back, I always enjoyed seeing the friendly fido that used to hang out with their professor counterpart in the ceramics lab of CIAS. It was a nice break from the studying, quiet halls, and sleeping students that one normally encounters. I say we need more compassion from furry friends, we need em' here for that mental zen.

  2. Scott
    Apr 25

    I had a psychology professor here at RIT that would always talk about her two pugs, Daisy and Pearl. She would include them in discussions, including how their personalities and tendencies differ.
    She also had a slide show of the pugs as a screensaver that would pop up every five minutes. She would dress the dogs up in costumes and do photo shoots with them and her husband.
    Finally, on one of the last days of class she brought them in. They waddled around and explored the classroom as she lectured. Although I'm not necessarily a dog person, it definitely made the day better watching Daisy and Pearl snoop around.
    If you want to see more, go to the pugs blog, Too Cute Pugs, at http://toocutepugs.blogspot.com/.

  3. Kristen
    Apr 26

    There always seems to be at least 1 deer around the loop at any given point in the day. Come hunting season you can spot over a dozen at a time especially on the baseball fields. One such day we decided to start counting when we discovered traffic was stopped by the field house a little further ahead. On closer inspection a woman was out of her car trying to herd a VERY large turtle out of traffic so it would not get run over. Thankfully that wasn't the same day as when the bear was caught on the quad as that would certainly put a little more hitch in the turtles gitty up! It's an all out zoo here!

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