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Brown Hall (formerly Building 86) is an itty-bitty building situated on the south end of campus between an even ittier-bittier building and Ross Hall, just south of Color Science Hall. If that was all Greek to you, click here, pick a map and look for BRN.

University News occupies about a quarter of Brown Hall. University Publications also has about a quarter. UPub consists of writers, editors, designers and Web/production specialists who work in print and interactive media. UPub designs Athenaeum, RIT: The University Magazine and helps UNS with our websites, among many, many other things.

The remaining half of the building houses four classrooms, two tech support guys and the offices of a handful of College of Science professors. All kinds of students are in and out all day long for Spanish class, math lectures or help from a physics professor.

If you can find us, feel free to stop by and say hello!


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