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Summertime meditations on social media (part 4): All the rest PR musings, Social media

Following my previous blog post on Foursquare—and the robust discussion that ensued—this post might seem a bit anticlimactic.

But to wrap up this series (at least for now), let’s briefly take a look at three additional popular social-media tools:

I once heard a Facebook-Twitter analogy—but since I don’t recall it exactly, I’ll have to paraphrase. It goes something like this:

Twitter is where you follow some people you don’t know but wish you knew better. Facebook is where a few of those with whom you’re “friends” you actually hardly know … and some you can barely stand.

That sums it up pretty well, I think.

Facebook—huge and popular—is very good for sharing personal news and photos, for example, with family and close friends and for reconnecting with others (college or high school classmates, for instance). But some people who we might know a little bit sometimes share a little too much.

Fortunately, Facebook “knows” whom we connect with the most and “weeds out” many of the rest. (Some people don’t like that Facebook does this, but I do. It’s a big time saver.)

I have a LinkedIn profile but, like many people I know, rarely use it—even though LinkedIn is supposed to be the social-media site for professionals, right?

But Facebook got me first—and just who has the time?

One thing that I don’t like about LinkedIn is how it forces users to shoehorn people into specific categories (such as “Colleague,” “Classmate” or “Friend”—some people I know fit in each of those categories). That’s a very minor annoyance, to be sure. On the other hand, its “Recommendations” feature is supposedly very useful for job seekers.

Speaking of “who has the time” … my initial reaction to the recent launch of Google+ was: “Good grief, not another one!”

That said, some people seem to have a lot of positive things to say about it. So I’ve joined … and we’ll see how it goes. (For starters, its “Circles” seems a vast improvement over LinkedIn’s connections categories, and it has some customization benefits over Facebook’s “Friends.”)

Feel welcome to share your thoughts about any of these tools—and so sorry for the lack of “controversy” this time!

RIT Social Media Directory
Lastly, did you know that RIT has an official online social-media directory?

The directory includes official RIT-affiliated groups and organizations using Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube. It’s broken into categories, and you can search alphabetically or by a specific social-media tool (only those with YouTube channels, for instance).

You’ll also find a link to RIT’s social-media guidelines, as well as contact information to request adding your group to the directory. (Note: The directory is limited to official RIT-affiliated groups and organizations; it’s not intended for “fringe” groups or individuals.)

You can find the directory at www.rit.edu/socialmedia.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this blog series. Thanks to all those who shared their opinions and comments.

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