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A ‘new day’ (part 3): Re-doing the daily Inside N&E, News & Events Daily, Social media

Previously, I began to share details of the recent redesign of News & Events Daily, the RIT News digital newsletter. Here’s more….

Plans for the redesign started about a year ago, and they began in earnest at the conclusion of the 2010–2011 academic year with a goal of unveiling a “new look” by fall quarter.

The original News & Events Daily design was simple and “clean”—both good qualities—and it was award-winning: N&E Daily earned a Public Relations Society of America PRism Award in 2010.

But at almost 3 years old, the newsletter needed freshening—in part through visual enhancements (such as a more prominent “Campus Spotlight” and the inclusion of more images, as detailed in part one).

Because RIT University Publications graphic designer Pete Bella had designed the University News website a year earlier, I requested him for the News & Events Daily redesign project—with an ultimate aim of creating an e-newsletter “in the same family” as the website (a natural, since N&E Daily stories feed both the University News and RIT websites every day).

Every facet—from nameplate to footer—of the then-current newsletter and the planned redesign was considered. Then, after Pete and I met a few times and I received a hard-copy prototype, I invited input from RIT News editorial assistant Marie Lang. We discussed details down to the ordering and titling of news sections and other aspects. Nearing the completion of her first year with us, Marie has a keen eye and good sense, and she has proven herself very capable—so I valued her input at this early stage.

One of Marie’s first suggestions: use red for the predicted high and blue for the forecast low temperature in the newly added weather forecast (I think she’s most proud of this nice touch!). At various stages, I also shared drafts with other managers, Bob Finnerty, Paul Stella and Kelly Downs, for their feedback.

Once the design was nearly finalized, the project moved from Pete to Web designer Mark Marcello—and Marie and I put the online interface through its paces in testing. Mark did a great job ensuring that it would be ready for launch on Sept. 6. My personal thanks to him, Pete and Marie for all of their assistance.

The final piece of the puzzle will be the addition of paid advertising (more next time).

Before I go, it was fun last time sharing old News & Events nameplates. Here are a few more (some courtesy of RIT Archivist Becky Simmons).

“You’ve come a long way, baby!”

News & Events (May 10-16 1971)

News & Events nameplate from issue dated May 10–16, 1971. (This style dates back to at least April 1970 and was used through August 1971. Notice the similarity to the January 2004 redesign and to the current N&E Daily nameplate—see below.)

News & Events (1971-73-74)

News & Events logos from the 1970s: August 1971–December 1973 (left), December 1973–May 1974 (center) and May 1974–November 1978.

News & Events (Jan. 14, 1982)

News & Events nameplate from issue dated Jan. 14, 1982 (used November 1978–July 1983).

News & Events (Aug. 25, 1983)

News & Events nameplate from issue dated Aug. 25, 1983 (used July 1983–February 1986, with slight modifications).

News & Events (1986-87)

News & Events nameplates from issues dated Feb. 20, 1986 (top)—a page one story introduces readers to new design (February 1986–July 1987); and Aug. 20, 1987 (July 1987–September 1995—the longest timeframe for a single design). The 1987 nameplate update was more subtle than other redesigns (note the use of different typefaces—most noticeable with the ampersands).

News & Events (April 16, 1998)

News & Events nameplate from issue dated April 16, 1998—a rare full-color issue (October 1995–August 1998).

News & Events (April 15, 1999)

News & Events nameplate from issue dated April 15, 1999—another rare full-color issue (August 1998–January 2004). Prior to printing News & Events in full color permanently beginning with the Sept. 9, 2004, issue, RIT News produced one to two full-color issues per year (often coinciding with commencement or homecoming weekends).

These were previously shared in part two:

News & Events (Jan. 15, 2004)

News & Events print-edition nameplate—commemorating RIT’s 175th anniversary—used from January 2004 through May 2005.

News & Events, June 23, 2005

News & Events print-edition nameplate—used from June 2005 through May 2009.

News & Events Daily, Oct. 8, 2008

News & Events Daily digital-edition nameplate—used from October 2008 to September 2011.

News & Events Daily, Sept. 6, 2011

News & Events Daily nameplate from the Sept. 6, 2011 edition—first day of current design.


  1. Alexander Gartl
    Sep 23

    Interesting! Neat to see the history from a design perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sue Provenzano
    Sep 23

    I remember too many of these nameplates :) Thanks for the history lesson!

  3. Paul Stella
    Sep 24

    Wow, quite a scavenger hunt, Mike! Some of those early designs were pretty groovy! :)

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