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A brief look inside the pages of Athenaeum: Oct. 13 Alumni, Athenaeum, Research, Students

As we steadily progress through the academic year, I find myself looking forward to our bi-weekly University News staff meetings filled with ample opportunities for our communication specialists to pitch stories from colleges they represent in order to earn a spot in Athenaeum.

Since July, I’ve taken over coverage for the College of Liberal Arts—and I really love it. It’s difficult to hold my tongue in our meetings because I’m pretty confident that I can fill an entire Athenaeum edition with COLA-related stories.

But, to keep things fair (share the wealth, after all), there’s one Liberal Arts feature in the Oct. 13 edition of Athenaeum. Read about Carrie DeLong, assistant professor of psychology, who is utterly passionate about her goldfish/marine-animal research. During our photo shoot, Carrie made me laugh when she was trying to decide which fish (and she knows them all by name) would be most photogenic and cooperative. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Give our cover story a read: We profile the expanding University Studies Program—a guiding light for students absolutely intelligent enough to be here, but unable to put their fingers on what course of study they’d like to pursue.

Other great stories: a 40th anniversary feature on Photo House and, more importantly, the wonderful connections that continue to form when commonalities are discovered by students, as well as a feature on an RIT student who does more before 10 a.m. than I probably do all day.



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