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The moment the RIT party landed at LaGuardia last week, we were instantly transformed into a “New York state of mind.”

The RIT Alumni Association set up several days of events in New York City and it was a whirlwind of activity that captured the spirit of the 7,100 alumni who live and work in the Big Apple. Here is a glimpse of those activities:

Navigating the News

RIT alumnus and Associated Press CEO Tom Curley makes a point about "navigating the news" with fellow alumni Becky Brubaker and Katie Linendoll, right.

Not many think of RIT as a major player in the news media. Think again. Our alumni are leaders in the industry. It was on display at a panel discussion held at the New York City Yacht Club titled “Navigating the News with RIT.”

The panel included Tom Curley ’77, president and CEO of The Associated Press; Becky Brubaker ’93, vice president for operations for the Tribune Co.; and Katie Linendoll ’05, a technology expert for CNN and the CBS Early Show. William Snyder ’81, four-time Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist and program chair for photojournalism, moderated the event.

For news junkies, this panel discussion was fascinating to watch as the old media guard (Curley and Brubaker) bantered with the new media guard (Linendoll). Panel members shared their knowledge and perspective on a range of issues including ethics, accuracy, credibility and challenges faced by the media today.

One thing they all agreed upon: embrace technology and tell interesting and relevant stories.

“You have to be relevant and cool,” said Linendoll. “Staying on the cutting edge is imperative.”

The Associated Press has invested millions of dollars in new technologies, including hybrid still and video cameras. “We are at a fantastic moment” in the communications revolution, said Curley, who announced his retirement days earlier.

Nearly 100 alumni attended the event, sponsored by RIT Trustee Arthur Gosnell, chairman and CEO of Stonehurst Capital Inc. Stay tuned for an upcoming video on the event at on the University News YouTube channel

‘Big Lights Will Inspire You’

Alumni magazine editor Mindy Mozer and University News photographer Sue Weisler met with graduates who turned co-ops into full-time jobs. They started at Martha Stewart Living, where they talked to Anna Ross ’10 (advertising photography), who is an assistant photo researcher. Anna worked on co-op for the company the summer after she graduated. Three weeks after she finished, she was offered a full-time job. “There’s no way I would be where I am today without having an internship,” Ross says.

The University News team then headed to Park Avenue to talk with graduates who work at J.P. Morgan Chase, employer to 35 alumni in NYC. Jeremy Edman was one of the first from RIT to go through the Corporate Technology Analyst Program, which is a summer internship program that often leads to full-time work. That was in 2002. Now Edman visits RIT annually to encourage other students to apply. He also is the RIT team captain at the company who keeps in touch with alumni there. “We are building a strong RIT network,” Edman says. “It is very helpful to have peers with something in common.”

Keep an eye out for the fall University Magazine in early August for these and other stories celebrating 100 years of co-op at RIT.

A Trip to Time Inc.

Former Student Government President Ed Wolf is now an information technology business analyst at Time Inc. in Manhattan.

Former Student Government President Ed Wolf ’09 is an information technology business analyst at Time Inc. Wolf is currently working with Time Inc. brands to develop the product definition and prototypes that support mobile, e-Commerce and social projects. Time Inc. is the publisher over 21 magazines including Time, Sports Illustrated, People and Fortune. The publishing giant has launched into the tablet market with the iPad, Kindle and Nook and now offer more than 40 mobile application available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

“We’re continuing to grow our digital portfolio, which is why having a background in technology is so vital to the publishing industry,” says Wolf. “The renaissance of publishing is underway, and blending great editorial content with technology allows our customers to experience stories more in-depth than with traditional print.”

‘I’ll Make a Brand New Start of It…’

Nothing beats an Irish pub in Manhattan (not until we establish an alumni chapter in Dublin). The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences and Dean Lorraine Justice hosted an event attended by 80 alumni.

It was energizing to meet an eclectic group of alumni who feed off New York’s energy. This includes Steve Cooper ’66, who donated 202 comic books from 1956 to RIT’s Cary Graphic Arts Collection. Now Cooper has plans to open an art gallery in Manhattan that would feature art from RIT alumni, faculty and students. “This would give RIT great exposure in New York,” he says.

The Alumni Board and Tiger Hockey in Gotham

The author sneaks out of the Alumni Board meeting at the Associated Press for a Big Apple skyline photo opportunity.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors held its first ever meeting in Gotham, led by Kathleen Anderson ’94, president of the association. The group discussed a range of issues including marketing initiatives and RIT’s global presence. The board finished the weekend by watching a televised RIT men’s hockey game with another 75 alumni and guests.

It’s tough to stand out in New York. But it’s clear RIT alumni are making an impact. “RIT alumni play a major role in every part of our society,” RIT President Bill Destler told the NYC alumni.

And if our alumni can make it there, they will make it anywhere … it’s up to you…

Who is up for another road trip?

• Musical credits: Billy Joel, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Frank Sinatra
• Photo credits: A. Sue Weisler, University News
• Contributing editor: Mindy Mozer, University News


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