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I don’t think anything says “innovation and creativity” louder than substituting puppies for snow.

Here I am hanging out with Leslie. I sure hope she finds her “furever” home!

Unfortunately for winter-lovers (you weirdos), Mother Nature failed to provide the freeze for Freeze Fest weekend Feb. 3-5. One of the signature events, the Rail Jam ski and snowboard competition, had to be postponed until Feb. 17, because, as I understand it, it’s pretty hard to snowboard in mud. So, of course, the logical replacement is puppies.

I stopped by Puppy Fest twice during the afternoon to check out the crowd, and judging by the length of the line, you’d think they were giving Garbage Plates away. I stopped by at the very end with my supervisor Mike Saffran, and to our delight, we got to hold Leslie, a gorgeous girl who I hope by now has found her “furever” home.

A big congrats to Brittany Quickel ’13 (American Sign Language interpreting education major), the rest of the Freeze Fest committee and Scottsville Veterinary Shelter for pulling together Puppy Fest on such short notice. There were smiles on everyone’s faces, and those homeless pups got some much-needed love and attention.

This is what a winner looks like.

The other Freeze Fest event I dabbled in was the dessert bake-off. To my delight, I won the pie/tart category with my Strawberry Pie! I may have to update my title to “Editorial Assistant and Award-Winning Pie Maker.” Maybe not. A big thanks to the AALANA Collegiate Association, RIT Leadership Institute and Community Service Center, New Student Orientation, the Center for Campus Life and the RIT Office of Development for sponsoring the event and picking my pie. Your bribe money is in the mail.

I hope Puppy Fest continues on campus, whether as part of next year’s Freeze Fest or as its own event.

And beware, dessert submitters, I’ll be back.

  1. Mike Saffran
    Feb 13

    Leslie was a sweetheart, for sure, and your strawberry pie definitely lives up to its award-winning reputation! (Thanks for sharing another one with the office today!)

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