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Welcome to the April issue of RIT’s Athenaeum newsletter. Although the calendar shows that the academic year will be wrapped up in six short weeks, it’s obvious that there is no shortage of student activities, lectures, exhibits and campus events. And with campus news in full swing, I’m happy to share some highlights from our current issue.

Senior news specialist Michelle Cometa provided content for two stories in this edition—both shining examples of our students’ drive and ingenuity.

Doing their part to bridge the past and the present, students in David Crumb’s Real Estate for the Hospitality Industry class are helping to revitalize the Wadsworth Mansion, a landmark in Geneseo, N.Y. The students acted as consultants, working with Wadsworth descendants to develop a viable plan to transform the homestead into a thriving bed and breakfast.

Michelle also writes about a community connection with the George Eastman House in Rochester that finds packaging science students creating a state-of-the-art protective casing for historic daguerreotypes. Not only are our students sharpening their packaging skills, they are doing their part to preserve valuable pieces of history.

Senior news specialist Susan Gawlowicz “focuses” her energy on Mike Every, a physics student who is designing plastic telescope mirrors that are less expensive and lighter than traditional mirrors. As a result, Every, a second-year student, has presented his research at national conferences and is on the radar of industry experts.

And, in our cover story, University News Director Paul Stella addresses questions surrounding the “Twitter revolution.” Just how much can really be said in 140 characters or less? Well, you’d be surprised. Paul’s story explains the “power of the Tweet” and how RIT uses the social-media application to communicate effectively—and efficiently—with faculty, staff and current and prospective students. And as if the story wasn’t enough, many thanks to Pete Bella, senior graphic designer, for making the page come alive with his amazing design and artwork.

Enjoy the issue.

  1. David Miller
    Apr 12

    Did you know that two RIT graduates helped create the Twitterrific application (from Iconfactory) for iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

  2. Pete Bella
    May 11

    Vienna, thanks for the kind words. David, I need to check out this app! Anything from RIT grads is worth having a look at.

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