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It’s official: I’m an expert in headline writing.

While I have bachelor’s degrees in English and journalism and spent three years working as a copy editor at the Democrat and Chronicle learning under the best of the best, I never really considered myself to be an expert in anything—until I was asked.

My supervisor, Mike Saffran, forwarded to me a message he came across from a columnist looking for an expert in headline writing. University News belongs to ProfNet, a service that connects reporters with expert sources.

Reporters can log into ProfNet and cast their net for a source for a story they are working on. Perhaps there is something turbulent going on in the economy, or there has been a natural disaster, or a string of crimes. Reporters need to explain what’s going on to their audience, so they need information from someone who is unbiased and really knows what they’re talking about. And RIT has nine colleges full of faculty members who are researching and studying the economy, natural disasters and crime. The writers at University News wade through the ProfNet requests, seeing if someone in their college can help the reporters. The reporters get the information they need, RIT gets cited on the news or in the paper, and everybody wins!

This particular columnist was looking for advice on headline writing. So I gave her my credentials, my answers and my contact info, and in a few days, voila, I’m an expert!

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If you think you are an expert on a specific subject, go to the contact us page, find your representative and let us know that you are available to speak to the media.


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