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When you enter the American College of Management and Technology in Dubrovnik, Croatia, you feel right at home.

You will find a bookstore selling orange T-shirts. You will find Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival posters. You will find a news box with a current edition of Athenaeum. And you will find a version of ACMT “Reporter” magazine.

But of course there is one huge difference between RIT’s ACMT location and the Henrietta campus along Jefferson Road:  At ACMT, you happen to have an 800-year-old fortified city outside your front door, located along the Adriatic Sea.

The walls outside the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s city walls are impressive with forts, bastions and tower, forever protecting its citizens and friends.  Construction on the fortified complex began in the 13th century and the architecture has a Gothic and Renaissance influence.  You may recognize Dubrovnik from the 2007 Big Shot.

The ancient city has held off countless invaders.  This includes as recently as 1991 when the city was shelled by Serbian rockets in the Balkans War.  The city persevered yet again and the war ended in 1995.

RIT entered the scene in 1997 with the formation of ACMT. The college offers academic programs in tourism, hospitality and service management; information technology; and international business.

“We are very proud about making a significant contribution to the tourism industry of Croatia, particularly in the post-war recovery period,” say Don Hudspeth, president and dean of ACMT.

This past fall, ACMT opened up a second campus in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

“The American education model certainly has a place here,” says Hudspeth. “We see expansion in both Dubrovnik and Zagreb. But the key is study abroad with students coming from RIT and other sites, such as RIT Dubai, to visit what we have to offer in Croatia”

Don Hudspeth, president and dean of ACMT, gives members of the RIT Board of Trustees a tour of his Croatian campus

Hudspeth is confident the upcoming move to semesters at both RIT and ACMT in fall 2013 will further increase study abroad interest among students. Croatia will also enter the European Union in 2013, opening up opportunities to recruit students from other parts of Europe.

He promises the experience of a lifetime along the Dalmatian Coast, with all the comforts of home as a member of the RIT family.


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