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‘Athenaeum’ looks at RIT’s Club Competitors Athenaeum, Campus life, Sports, Students

Athenaeum and its predecessor, News & Events, have always been vehicles for raising awareness on campus from academic programs to special events and the impact on our community to my favorite subjects of all—the people of RIT.

Our talented “temporary” communication specialist Matt Gregory has written our Dec. 13 cover story about the rise in the popularity of RIT club sports and the athletes who comprise these teams. While most of us are familiar with club sports such as ultimate Frisbee, skiing and badminton, I admit there are a few RIT clubs that are a bit unusual—the Paintball Club, Quidditch Club (for you Harry Potter fans) and the Skeptics Club (which sounds like a perfect fit for me.) But without a doubt, the vast number of club sports available for student participation—21 total—only reinforces the theory that there is truly something for everyone.

This edition spotlights the remarkable successes of three of RIT’s club sports—bowling, equestrian and cycling—with members who have selected RIT not only because of our academic programs, but their ability to continue their involvement in a sport they are truly passionate about. What you’ll find even more amazing after reading Matt’s story is the commitment level of these club athletes. Without financial support from RIT, members manage to fund their own equipment purchases, travel expenses and match and tournament fees. For these club-sport student athletes, it comes down to passion, dedication and perseverance.

Just another reason why I think the people of RIT make for interesting storytelling.

Matt has produced three videos that help tell the story of RIT’s bowling, equestrian and cycling clubs. Click on the following links to watch:

Bowling: http://bit.ly/XcXxxZ,

Equestrian: http://bit.ly/VWNe5V

Cycling: http://bit.ly/U8DKiv

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

  1. Matt Gregory
    Dec 13

    Thanks for the kind words, Vienna. Working on this story was an absolute blast! We have some truly amazing individuals on our club sports teams here at RIT.

  2. Vienna McGrain
    Dec 13

    I've been working here for 15 years and I swear I learn something new every single day. Your story was both interesting and informative - and I hope others see it that way, too!

  3. Paul Stella
    Dec 13

    Yeah, I hired him! :-)

  4. Sue
    Dec 20

    Photo gallery here:


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