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A new year, a new calendar—welcome back to RIT Athenaeum

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It’s hard to believe that summer 2013 is almost history. While I enjoy a relatively slower pace that comes with working on a college campus over the summer, there is also an unmistakable buzz of energy and excitement—along with the promise of unlimited possibilities that accompanies the start of a new academic year.

The University News staff has worked to bring you its latest issue of Athenaeum which looks back on the summer activities of a few faculty members and students. From travel to research to community service—including one faculty member who welcomed their first child into the world in June—our faculty and students have proven, without a doubt, that summer time isn’t “down time.”

There are many other great features in this issue, including:

Semester conversion—It’s impossible to ignore RIT’s transition to a new calendar system, and we have included an interview with J. Fernando Naveda, the university’s mastermind behind semester conversion.

Student photography—A travel program sponsored by RIT’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences allows students to travel to Cuba to document life behind a lens. I just wish we had room in the publication to print more of the breathtaking imagery submitted by our students.

Campus construction/renovation updates—A look at what you may have missed this summer related to new buildings, relocations and renovations.

Longtime faculty—R. Roger Remington, RIT’s longest serving faculty member, talks about his design career, friendship with Massimo Vignelli and the birth of the Graphic Design Archive.

Scholarship and research—A group of female RIT students have made an impact in the field of fuel cell and heat-transfer technologies and are using what they have discovered in the classroom and lab to tackle real-world projects.

Of course, these stories only scratch the surface of what’s new and exciting at RIT. Our staff is, once again, looking forward to bringing you the best of RIT in an award-winning format that is colorful, interesting and, of course, informative. As always, we encourage and welcome your feedback: email athena@rit.edu.

Welcome back to a new year, and enjoy Athenaeum.





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