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‘Athenaeum’ salutes those who give back Athenaeum

P1502 Athenaeum April-May CoverAthenaeum takes pride in reporting on the one-of-a-kind people and projects that make our campus unique—and in this April issue, we shine the light on how RIT students, faculty and staff are having a positive impact on our off-campus neighbors.

This edition’s cover story, written by Greg Livadas, focuses on the many ways RIT gives back to our community. Whether it’s collecting food and clothing for local families, sharing the joy of education with youngsters or spending some quality time with shelter animals, the RIT community continually finds creative and effective ways to remain valuable community partners. Unfortunately, we are only able to offer you a snapshot of our outreach, and we encourage you to find ways that you can make a difference. To see a video about RIT’s community involvement, produced by University News, go to http://bit.ly/RITGivesBack.

Now, I don’t claim to know much about bees, except that it really hurts when I get stung and my daughter is terrified of them. But after reading a story written by Susan Gawlowicz, I think you’ll actually feel sorry for the little “buggers.” RIT chemist Massoud “Matt” Miri is researching ways to enhance the honeybee’s natural defenses against destructive mites that are threatening their livelihood. It’s quite fascinating. Check it out on our “Scholarship and Research” page.

In addition to these stories, you’ll learn about Sandra Johnson, RIT’s new student affairs leader; how RIT’s lacrosse coach is teaching our young men the value of hard work and responsibility on and off the field; and you’ll get the real “skinny” on the latest campus craze—longboarding.




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