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The RIT Challenge, 2011 style

My oldest son returned to dorm life this week at ‘Cuse. A freshman, he was excited to get back to his new friends and take on spring semester. But won’t he miss home cookin’? “Dad, we’ve got like 30 cereals to pick from, omelets every day, and 100 cable channels with sports,” he reminded me. Good more »

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What’s next with RIT branding? Storytelling

There is an old saying in journalism that also works with branding: Show your readers (audience), don’t just tell them. It would be very easy for RIT to tell the world: We’re innovative and creative We’re big, with an enrollment of 17,000 students We have one of the oldest and largest co-operative education program in more »

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RIT Brand Forums: Dec. 6 and 7

Just do it . . . I’m willing to bet you thought of Nike with those three simple words. Nike has one of the world’s leading brands, but there’s more to it than its famous swoosh logo and strong tagline. The Nike brand is about a healthy and active lifestyle, and more. So what’s the more »

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RIT, Dunkin’, Wegmans and the Yankees: The power of branding

So what makes a good brand? Let’s start close to home with Wegmans. When you think Wegmans, here’s what comes to mind: customer service, fresh food, convenience, a great place to work and overall high quality. Dunkin’ Donuts sells more coffee than donuts after it repositioned its brand with the America Runs on Dunkin’ campaign. more »

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A 45-minute history lesson from CBS newsman Bob Schieffer

CBS newsman Bob Schieffer chats with Bob Finnerty, RIT chief communications officer, on a flight to Washington, D.C.

One of the most universal questions of Bob Schieffer’s generation is “Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?” A 26-year-old night police reporter at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Schieffer still lived at home with his widowed mother and siblings. His teen brother told him the grim news and Schieffer scrambled to work. Editors assigned more »

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Lessons learned from Virginia Tech

Put yourself in the shoes of an RIT Public Safety Officer early Wednesday morning. You have three separate incidents happening at nearly the same time: 1) A student with mental health issues is despondent and is threatening to hurt himself. 2) Another student has had too much to drink and may need hospitalization due to more »

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