August 21, 2014
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The podcast is here!

“Dateline: RIT – The Podcast” has arrived. As detailed in an earlier post, “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast” is part of a family of new-media services from University News—each branded with the “Dateline” moniker—keeping you updated on coverage of RIT news and RIT people in the news. The biweekly podcast, monthly e-newsletter (soon to be more »

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Our tiger blogging comrades

Before we redesigned the blog, we had a blogroll with a huge list of somewhat-related blogs. RIT faculty/staff, students, alums, other higher-ed or PR/marketing blogs. It was getting to be quite a list. I still have it somewhere . . . The blogs that other RIT faculty and staff write cover an interesting variety of more »

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The Tiger Beat Blog: A macroscopic view, part 2

Last time, I reprinted a portion of an e-mail conversation between Karen Black, NTID director of media relations, and me about the role of this blog. Our conversation continues: Karen: Your radio analogy is a good one. To that point, have we asked our audience what they want? Do we know what they want, or more »

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The Tiger Beat Blog: A macroscopic view

Last time, I discussed word choice in the catch phrase of this blog’s theme, Behind the scenes of RIT University News. This time, a broader perspective on the theme. Following a recent University News staff meeting, Karen Black, NTID director of media relations, wrote to say that it seems our new-media ventures—including this blog—are taking more »

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It’s a shiny, new blog!

Hi Folks! As you can see, we’ve made some adjustments to the Tiger Beat Blog you all know and love. What began as some distaste with the CSS that MovableType generates, has become a full-blown redesign. We chose to move to WordPress for it’s administrative user interface, the price, and for the code it generates. more »

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This ‘Dateline’ is not a dating service

Last time, I explained that RIT University News is exploring podcasting. One of our first regular podcasts might be an audio version of Dateline: RIT, a monthly e-newsletter that highlights select RIT news placements and News & Events stories. Because a primary mission of University News is publicizing RIT news (see More on who we more »

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