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Alum recalls playing football under Coughlin

One of the coolest RIT stories in recent memory has little to do with the RIT that we know and love today. Rather, it’s about the RIT of more than three decades ago, when the nascent campus in Henrietta had fewer people, fewer buildings, fewer of almost everything—except it had more pigskin. As you may more »

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Getting it straight from the coach’s mouth

On this week’s Studio 86 podcast, RIT Tigers men’s hockey head coach Wayne Wilson gives his assessment of the season, pointing to upset victories over Cornell and Minnesota as highlights so far. Coach Wilson told Joe Venniro, RIT assistant sports information director, and me that the team’s goal is a berth in the NCAA tournament more »

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Who’s ‘Wiltsie’? Where’s Tojo Garden? And who was the ‘coolest cat’ on campus in the ’60s?

Have you ever wondered about the person whose name marks the campus roadway on which you drive or graces the building in which you sit? Or maybe you’d like to learn the story behind an admired piece of campus artwork, or find out if RIT really once had a live tiger mascot. Answers to these more »

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Podcast length (part 2): Why ‘anything goes’ is lazy

Last time, I shared a couple reasons why some podcasts, such as Studio 86, are exactly timed (15:00, for example, rather than 15:17). But, I hinted, the most important reason for timing precision is that an undisciplined “anything goes” mentality would be lazy and inconsiderate. Let me explain. . . . Just as “word counts”—limits more »

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Podcast length (part 1): Why 15:00 and not 15:17?

Commenting on a recent post, reader Justin Thorp—in expressing a preference for lengthier podcasts suitable for listening during his up to hour-long subway commutes—raised a good question about how a show’s length, or “runtime,” is determined. But setting aside podcast duration preferences for the moment, some readers might wonder why each RIT NEWSMINUTE podcast is more »

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Is your face on Facebook? Well, join the club (the Dateline: RIT ‘club,’ that is)

A couple weeks ago, I invited you to join the Dateline: RIT Facebook Group—which provides another convenient way to stay informed about RIT news. The group offers “one-stop shopping”: Summaries about and links to RIT news podcasts, blog, e-newsletter and Web site, plus popular Facebook features such as “The Wall,” where members can write messages more »

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