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Tigers topple Buckeyes

It’s better to be lucky than good. There is little credit that we can take for discovering that the daughter of Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel is an RIT student. That credit goes to the wonder that is Google. All of us at University News subscribe to receive Google News Alerts, via e-mail, whenever more »

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From Baltimore to Kazakhstan

Last June, John Follaco and I attended a public relations conference in Baltimore that featured national reporters and numerous academic panelists discussing how to get national media for your university. While I must admit I did have daydreams of going down to Baltimore and coming away with a CNN interview, I truly did not think more »

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Rumor has it RIT’s on NPR

Let’s face it—it can be pretty difficult for many of us mere mortals to get our heads around some of the remarkable research that’s taking place here on campus. One of the neat things about my job is the opportunity to grasp concepts outside of my comfort zone and then relay them to you in more »

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Getting a placement—how RIT ‘gets in the news’

People know about RIT—not just in Rochester, or in the Northeast, but all across the country and internationally. As a result of the RIT’s strong reputation, many notable news stories simply happen, like yesterday’s announcement by Congressman Tom Reynolds of a $1.1 million donation of U.S. Labor Department funds to help create a regional education more »

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RIT in the news: Sustainability

“Waste not, want not.” Sure, we’ve all heard the expression, but have you ever really thought about its meaning. The Web site UsingEnglish.com sums it up by saying, “If you don’t waste things, you are less likely to end up lacking.” RIT is working hard to master this philosophy, and the university’s researchers are increasingly more »

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A simple mantra leads to big results

A wise, former colleague once gave me a very simple rule to follow regarding effort that applies very well to public relations: “Everything works and nothing doesn’t.” Basically this means that you often never know what particular effort or action is going to lead to the “big story,” but that does not mean the hard more »

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