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Podcast length (part 2): Why ‘anything goes’ is lazy

Last time, I shared a couple reasons why some podcasts, such as Studio 86, are exactly timed (15:00, for example, rather than 15:17). But, I hinted, the most important reason for timing precision is that an undisciplined “anything goes” mentality would be lazy and inconsiderate. Let me explain. . . . Just as “word counts”—limits more »

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Podcast length (part 1): Why 15:00 and not 15:17?

Commenting on a recent post, reader Justin Thorp—in expressing a preference for lengthier podcasts suitable for listening during his up to hour-long subway commutes—raised a good question about how a show’s length, or “runtime,” is determined. But setting aside podcast duration preferences for the moment, some readers might wonder why each RIT NEWSMINUTE podcast is more »

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Is your face on Facebook? Well, join the club (the Dateline: RIT ‘club,’ that is)

A couple weeks ago, I invited you to join the Dateline: RIT Facebook Group—which provides another convenient way to stay informed about RIT news. The group offers “one-stop shopping”: Summaries about and links to RIT news podcasts, blog, e-newsletter and Web site, plus popular Facebook features such as “The Wall,” where members can write messages more »

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Dubai, here we come!

This week’s special edition of Dateline: RIT – The Podcast features RIT President Bill Destler and Mustafa Abushagur, professor and director of microsystems engineering, describing RIT Dubai—RIT’s newest branch campus, slated to open in fall 2008. News about RIT’s third international campus—joining those in Croatia and Kosovo—came last week. This week’s podcast features remarks by more »

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What’s in store(s) for retail shoppers during the holidays!

In the spirit of the “holly-daze,” Professor Eugene Fram, RIT’s in-house retail expert, offers some spirited advice for shoppers who have budgets in mind and want some peace of mind: It’s the season for the “Cat & Mouse Retail Olympics”—the time in the holiday season when many consumers have to decide whether to buy now more »

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One-on-one with the editor in chief of Reporter

For this week’s Studio 86 podcast, I interviewed Jen Loomis, editor in chief of Reporter, RIT’s student-published weekly newsmagazine. Some of the topics we discussed were Reporter itself—including its editorial independence and relationship with RIT President Bill Destler—and Jen’s background (such as family, including her mother—herself a former editor of her college newspaper). Personally, I more »

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