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Summertime meditations on social media (part 4): All the rest

Following my previous blog post on Foursquare—and the robust discussion that ensued—this post might seem a bit anticlimactic. But to wrap up this series (at least for now), let’s briefly take a look at three additional popular social-media tools: Facebook I once heard a Facebook-Twitter analogy—but since I don’t recall it exactly, I’ll have to more »

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Summertime meditations on social media (part 3): Foursquare (unvarnished)

Last time, I shared opinions about and advice for effectively using Twitter—and lamented its misuse by some who #fail to share compelling content. Speaking of non-compelling content … there’s Foursquare. I cautioned in part 1 that opinions would be direct and occasionally contrarian. I recognize that people use social media with many different goals in more »

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Summertime meditations on social media (part 2): Twitter for…narcissists?

It seems as though blog posts appear someplace almost daily offering bulleted lists of sugarcoated Twitter tips. This one is different, I promise. First, narcissism—extreme love of oneself—abounds in social media. That’s no big surprise. A certain amount of narcissism—on Twitter, Facebook and social media, in general—is only to be expected. But here are some more »

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Summertime meditations on social media (part 1): Twitter for ‘newbies’

At RIT University News, we do our best to stay current on trends in social media (and between all of us, I think we do pretty well). RIT News was an early adopter of Facebook and Twitter, produced news podcasts before most universities and launched a YouTube channel early on. Plus, this blog was one more »

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Summer @ RIT: A great place for kids to hang out

You know it’s summer when the students on campus get a little smaller, a little younger and clad in all colors of T-shirts with names of programs like WE@RIT, Kids on Campus and Summer MASH Camp. It got me thinking about how often people at RIT, beyond the admissions staff, are involved with K-12 students—either more »

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Under the Hood: TTFN!

The school year is just about complete, and I reached my goal of posting an Under the Hood gem every Monday since the first one ran in January. I hope you learned a little more about how University News operates, and thanks for letting me vent about how this job change has affected my life more »

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