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It seems like every other day this week Bob’s sent us an e-mail about the changing nature of the newspaper industry. (Like this one.) It’s not news. It’s been changing for a while, just like we’ve all been changing how we use technology and absorb news and information. But keeping up with what reporters — more »

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Staying tuned in

I’m a strong advocate for any business to stayed tuned in to what’s being said about them in the blogging world. It’s a kind of customer feedback you wouldn’t get in any other way – honest, raw, unfiltered. Some of that feedback isn’t necessarily useful – finding out that a group of college guys from more »

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Measuring our podcast and blogging success

I thought I was all set to write a post about tracking our podcast feed, the tools we use to do that and how we know it’s being effective. It turns out that isn’t so easy. The tool we’ve been using to track all our feeds (podcast, blog, RIT in the news placements, and RIT more »

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Who’s saying what?

It’s not just other blogs that talk about RIT. And while we like to tell you about the times that big-name publications interview our experts or mention us — like USA Today, Business Week and the Los Angeles Times — there are plenty of lesser-known papers and Web sites that do the same. Sure, they more »

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More tigers blogging

I don’t mean to get predictable here, but I’d like to highlight a few blogs written by RIT alums. We have a lot of them. And a bunch have blogs. I’m going to leave lots and lots of them out from this (hopefully) short synopsis – but you can see the ones that we know more »

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Our tiger blogging comrades

Before we redesigned the blog, we had a blogroll with a huge list of somewhat-related blogs. RIT faculty/staff, students, alums, other higher-ed or PR/marketing blogs. It was getting to be quite a list. I still have it somewhere . . . The blogs that other RIT faculty and staff write cover an interesting variety of more »

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