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A birthday salute to my mentor

“Have you ever seen anyone so happy to be turning 90?” I couldn’t help but inquire while welcoming hundreds of family friends to a celebration this past weekend. It was my dad’s birthday, and I’m sure you’ll agree to reach 90 is quite a milestone. But it’s not my dad’s style to just ‘reach’ it—he more »

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Balancing activism with academics

I came of age during the Reagan Revolution. Following the failed economic policies of the 1970s, Americans were anxious to be release from the burdens of big government and its regulations. President Reagan’s policies of tax relief, particularly for high earners, really resonated with the public—particularly young adults. I didn’t quite get it. Maybe it’s more »

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Spending the day with President Obama

My interest in politics began when I witnessed Ronald Reagan’s inauguration as President in 1981. I was only 5 at the time, watching on television with my parents in small-town New England, but I can still remember President Reagan taking the oath of office with the First Lady looking on. Twenty-eight years later to the more »

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Making the CASE for creative achievement

I learned it early on during my former career as a television news producer—pride in one’s achievement is personal. Knowing you gave it your best is all that really matters. If you’re lucky, someone takes notice. If you’re really lucky, you get acknowledged for the good work. In that spirit, it is with appreciation for more »

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‘Whew!’—at long last (part 2—ahhhh)

Last time, I shared some feelings of relief and satisfaction at completing my master’s thesis last summer following seven long but enjoyable years as an RIT graduate student. As I explained, though, as summer was winding down, I couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Early last summer while toiling away on my thesis, more »

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‘Whew!’—at long last (part 1)

“Whew!” is heard a lot around RIT this time of year as we enter the holiday break. Let’s face it, RIT can be intense—for students, faculty and staff alike. It’s one reason why RIT students are, in my opinion, more disciplined and driven—and, ultimately, better students—than their counterparts at many other colleges. At RIT, it’s more »

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