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Targeting women—and missing the mark

I was driving through York, Pa., earlier this month when I was startled by a billboard advertising a gun show. Towering above the highway was a scantily clad woman holding two bull’s eyes provocatively placed to cover salient portions of her anatomy. I will refrain from cheap shots on the morality/mentality of gun traffickers, although more »

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Why not invite President Obama to the Imagine RIT Festival?

This is the question RIT President Bill Destler has pondered the past few days. After all, the May 2 Innovation and Creativity Festival certainly fits the spirit of President Obama’s call to action to create a new American and global economy. • Invent new products and services that will drive American innovation in the 21st more »

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Star power

A movie about Matt Hammill ’99 (electromechanical technology)—A.K.A. “The Hammer”—is set to be released soon. In case you don’t know the story, Hammill, born deaf, grew up to become a champion wrestler and now an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star. An interesting interview with Hammill ran in The Columbus Dispatch earlier this month. You can more »

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Behind the scenes: Why this story? (Part 2)

Last time, I shared insight into the development of a story reporting findings from my study of listener perceptions about local radio. I also told you that I had been asked, in essence, “Why this story?” The implication being: Did my study get covered because of my ties to University News? No—and I’ll tell you more »

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Behind the scenes: Model coverage, but why this story? (Part 1)

Last time, I shared thoughts on the future of radio—related to findings from my recent study examining listener perceptions about local radio. As a news story in the works for several weeks, the collaboration between my colleague Will Dube and me could serve as a model for future stories developed by University News. “Why?” you more »

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Good news about great grads

Considering that RIT has more than 102,000 living alumni, it’s not surprising that their names show up in the news media on a regular basis. And when alumni get “good press,” that’s good for RIT as well. Our new Alumni News Web page lists the latest “hits” in the Alumni in the News section. Here’s more »

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