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Reframing journalism

Working for University News, I often am tasked with announcing new academic programs and initiatives offered by the colleges I cover. I recently set out to write a press release about a new bachelor’s degree in journalism, which is offered through the Department of Communication. Now, when I first learned about this I did not more »

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‘Park’ Point: RIT’s driving dilemma


It immediately became noticeable to me during the first week of classes. Parking spaces on campus would be hard to come by for late arrivers, say those folks getting here after 10 a.m. RIT’s continuing growth, in terms of both facilities and students, is really having an impact on the availability of parking, and RIT more »

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Managing the ‘buzz’

I dare say there was a time when my job was more challenging. Don’t get me wrong, staying on top of today’s new-media explosion keeps my head spinning, but spreading the good news about RIT—the primary objective of University News—seems to be taking on a life of its own. Not that many years ago, my more »

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Sensationalism trumps accuracy in Channel 10 news story

Last night, News 10 NBC aired an incredibly sensational and inaccurate story about the research that has been conducted by an RIT professor. The piece focused on a Greece pastor and parent who was upset with some of the questions that were asked in an RIT survey about the Internet habits of local adolescents. He more »

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Sign-language interpreting: A high-risk occupation

Sign-language interpreters face a high risk of ergonomic injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome—possibly even greater than assembly-line and other manual-labor workers—and the risk is heightened in high-stress settings. These are some of the findings of research led by Matthew Marshall, an associate professor of industrial and systems engineering in RIT’s Kate Gleason College of more »

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Life after RIT for ‘the Cal Ripken of academia’

Among the guests on the first-ever RIT news podcast, on Aug. 31, 2006, was longtime RIT business professor Eugene Fram. Over the next 18 months, Dr. Fram returned to “Dateline: RIT” and our sister podcast “Studio 86” more times than any other RIT professor—discussing topics ranging from back-to-school shopping to ratemyprofessors.com and “high-tech” dressing rooms more »

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