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Local is no longer local

With the growth of new media and the changing landscape of communication, news that was once confined to a single area or outlet can now literally be transmitted around the world in seconds. This transformation changes the impact of news coverage and can greatly enhance public relations and marketing efforts. For example, the Democrat and more »

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The story of ADI

I truly have a great job. Not only do I get to do what I love for a living, writing, I also get to interact with an incredibly interesting group of people and organizations, many of whom are making major contributions to RIT, the Rochester region and the world. For example, I recently met with more »

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Visits to newspaper Editorial Boards are fruitful

One of the most influential organizations in any city is a newspaper’s editorial board. An editorial board typically includes the newspaper’s publisher, editor, other top level editors and veteran reporters. It’s fair to say that editorial boards carry a ton of clout in a community. Newspaper editorials, opinion essays really, often stir community conversations and more »

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Reintroducing Will Dube

I am very excited to be rejoining University News as one of their Senior News Specialists. I previously worked for UNS on a temporary basis during the summer of 2005 and have spent the last two years serving as the marketing and communications coordinator for the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies. In my new capacity more »

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Counterpoint: Was our coverage too ‘Hotz,’ too cold or just right?

It’s been an interesting week at RIT—and in University News. From the moment we learned that freshman George Hotz had unlocked the iPhone, a debate emerged within the walls of Building 86: How should we cover the story? From the second I heard about it, I’ve been on the “aggressive” side of the debate. Mike more »

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Point: Was our coverage too ‘Hotz,’ too cold or just right?

In a comment on a different post, a reader criticized our coverage of RIT student George Hotz, who’s credited with “cracking open” the iPhone. The reader (let’s call her/him “Annie”) thinks we could’ve done much more. But I say our coverage was just right. Annie raises a valid concern, though—one that has been the center more »

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