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State of the Union: RIT students react

One week ago, President George W. Bush was preparing to make a historic address to the United States Congress. Not only would it be the first State of the Union address Bush had to deliver to a Democratic Congress, but the first time a female speaker of the House of Representatives ever presided over a more »

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How does good press happen?

I’m often asked to get press for different events going on at RIT. It may sound relatively straightforward, but given the many things happening in the Rochester region and the small staffs working at local stations and newspapers, it’s often extremely difficult to get people to cover your event instead of something else. It’s particularly more »

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Tigers topple Buckeyes

It’s better to be lucky than good. There is little credit that we can take for discovering that the daughter of Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel is an RIT student. That credit goes to the wonder that is Google. All of us at University News subscribe to receive Google News Alerts, via e-mail, whenever more »

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From Baltimore to Kazakhstan

Last June, John Follaco and I attended a public relations conference in Baltimore that featured national reporters and numerous academic panelists discussing how to get national media for your university. While I must admit I did have daydreams of going down to Baltimore and coming away with a CNN interview, I truly did not think more »

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Damn it! We got scooped

Let me start by saying I understand these things happen. I’m not upset, and I’m not blaming anyone. After all, nobody got hurt. No tears were shed. But when a local reporter gets the scoop on RIT news before I do, well, you can bet it becomes the source of some concern. All of us more »

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Who’s saying what?

It’s not just other blogs that talk about RIT. And while we like to tell you about the times that big-name publications interview our experts or mention us — like USA Today, Business Week and the Los Angeles Times — there are plenty of lesser-known papers and Web sites that do the same. Sure, they more »

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