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It seems like every other day this week Bob’s sent us an e-mail about the changing nature of the newspaper industry. (Like this one.) It’s not news. It’s been changing for a while, just like we’ve all been changing how we use technology and absorb news and information. But keeping up with what reporters — more »

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Winter’s on the way

The blog post you’re reading comes to you courtesy of billions of microscopic electronic components inside your computer and the other computers that form the Internet. In case you were wondering, a single computer microprocessor can pack more than 400 million transistors on a piece of silicon about the size of your thumbnail. Today’s world more »

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Behind the cover of RIT: The University Magazine

The fall issue of RIT: The University Magazine will be in the mail on Aug. 4. That means we’re now at work on the winter issue. Sounds weird but it really does take many months for our little team to gather the information, write and edit the stories, shoot the photos and develop the design more »

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    The Tiger Beat takes you behind the scenes with the members of RIT University News—the news and public relations division of Rochester Institute of Technology. Get the “story behind the story” and an insider’s look at who we are and what we do to publicize RIT news.
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