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Farewell, RIT

I’m “going home.” In a whirlwind past couple weeks (that included a swirl of emotions), I was offered and have accepted a faculty position at my undergraduate alma mater, SUNY Geneseo. It’s not just any job. The position title alone might describe my ideal job (practically anyplace): Lecturer in communication and faculty director of the more »

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Under the Hood: TTFN!

The school year is just about complete, and I reached my goal of posting an Under the Hood gem every Monday since the first one ran in January. I hope you learned a little more about how University News operates, and thanks for letting me vent about how this job change has affected my life more »

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Let the ‘sunshine’ in!

The Tiger Beat Blog regularly takes readers “behind the scenes” of RIT University News. Providing the full and unvarnished “inside scoop” about the inner workings of RIT’s news office has been this blog’s mission for some five years now. Over the past few weeks, my colleague Marie Lang has been taking you “under the hood” more »

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Looking back (part 2): Whatever happened to…?

Last time, I described the transmogrification of this blog (and this blogger) over the past few years and promised updates about early contributors Silandara, Becca, Pete and Brandon: Since leaving RIT in 2006, The Tiger Beat Blog founder Joanna Bartlett-Gustina has been working as a freelance copywriter and designer of brochures, direct-mail pieces, newsletters and more »

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Looking back (part 1): A blog and blogger evolution

Where were you on Dec. 22, 2004? Though only a little more than four years ago, it’s a lifetime ago for The Tiger Beat Blog. At 4:41 p.m. on that day, this blog came roaring to life when Joanna Bartlett-Gustina (many remember her as “Silandara”) clicked “publish,” creating the first post. (Though perhaps it would more »

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All atwitter over a hundred ‘tweets’

Whether you know it or not, you’ve been “tweeted.” One hundred times. By us. Now, before you lodge a formal complaint with the Center for Student Conflict, you should know that to be on the receiving end of a “tweet” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A “tweet” is a short message sent via Twitter, a more »

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