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Cracking the 300 daily visitors barrier

University News and this blog reached a milestone this week as the number of visitors to the blog surpassed 300 on a single day (totaling 316 on Jan. 19) and, for the first time, tallied more than 250 visitors for three consecutive days (Jan. 19-21)—figures five to six times the previous norm for a typical more »

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A little widget goes a long way

He’s small, round and lovable. His name is Digsby and he may be the best thing that’s happened to e-mail and social networking since Firefox and Facebook. The free, downloadable program allows users to link their various e-mail accounts, social networking sites and instant messenger clients, creating easy management of all programs through a single more »

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A late-summer blog roundup

It seems a few more blogs than usual have referenced RIT in the past couple weeks—including some that deal with potentially contentious issues (such as hazing and an alleged slur by a state senator against an RIT professor). In bringing these to your attention here, my intent isn’t to pass judgment on anyone (or anything, more »

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Blog news and notes

On The Tiger Beat Blog, you’re taken “Behind the scenes of RIT University News.” But, while the blog takes you there, it’s typically not part of the tour. Today, let’s take a look inward with some news and notes about the blog, on the blog. Foremost, welcome to our newest visitors. Whether you’re an active more »

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More tigers blogging

I don’t mean to get predictable here, but I’d like to highlight a few blogs written by RIT alums. We have a lot of them. And a bunch have blogs. I’m going to leave lots and lots of them out from this (hopefully) short synopsis – but you can see the ones that we know more »

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Our tiger blogging comrades

Before we redesigned the blog, we had a blogroll with a huge list of somewhat-related blogs. RIT faculty/staff, students, alums, other higher-ed or PR/marketing blogs. It was getting to be quite a list. I still have it somewhere . . . The blogs that other RIT faculty and staff write cover an interesting variety of more »

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