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The making of a podcast (part 3): Fixing the audio

Last time, I explained why I wanted the capability to record telephone conversations for “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast” newsmaker segments, and why I preferred the phone’s lower audio quality (compared with studio quality) for those segments. But I wanted good telephone audio (not necessarily an oxymoron). The solution for improving audio quality, for phone more »

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The making of a podcast (part 2): Hardware

Having chosen (or, more accurately, settled for) Apple’s GarageBand as the software in which to edit our podcasts, I next needed to pick up some hardware: a microphone or two, mike stands, windscreens (or “pop filters”—the black foam covering the ends of microphones that screens out wind and filters letters that “pop,” such as Ps more »

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The making of a podcast (part 1): Software

Almost anyone can create a podcast simply by talking into an iPod or some other type of portable recording device and sharing it through iTunes. Producing a more professional sounding podcast, however, requires additional hardware and software. At University News, we chose an upgraded, but still modest, set-up that for now adequately serves our needs. more »

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Measuring our podcast and blogging success

I thought I was all set to write a post about tracking our podcast feed, the tools we use to do that and how we know it’s being effective. It turns out that isn’t so easy. The tool we’ve been using to track all our feeds (podcast, blog, RIT in the news placements, and RIT more »

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Blazing a trail and the “Dateline: RIT” brand

I’ve written quite a bit about audio beds and sound effects in prior posts and comments. I’ll end with this prediction: More podcasters will increasingly utilize beds and sound effects. For listeners, they will help create what I described last time as ‘theater of the mind’ and mark a natural progression as a growing number more »

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The newsroom ‘soundtrack’

For those who still haven’t had enough about the sound-effect bed used in “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast,” read on. The background sound effect (the “bed”) is a newsroom teletype. Old timers like Bob, Paul, Kathy and me once worked in newsrooms where the sound of a teletype machine—often multiple teletype machines, with bells signaling more »

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