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My wellness update

It’s week 5 and I’m still thoroughly enjoying my TurboKick class. I’ve made some friends—I don’t know their names, but we gravitate toward each other in class and roll our eyes and laugh at the same time when we feel like we’re going to pass out from a routine. Last week, we had a substitute more »

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Under the Hood: What’s for lunch?

I like food. In fact, I’m eating right now. And I’m thinking about dinnertime, even though it’s not even 9 a.m. Luckily for me, there’s food all over this campus. I’ve dined at Crossroads (love the pizza!), the Student Alumni Union cafeteria and Global Village (tacos!), and so far I’m impressed. For me, thinking of more »

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Under the Hood: My epic battle with parking

I don’t like parking lots. I don’t like parking garages. Parallel parking terrifies me. Parking at the Democrat and Chronicle was always a problem for me. I didn’t park on the street unless the space was big enough to just pull into and straighten myself out (this is why I drive a small car), plus more »

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Slow and steady

It’s week three in my wellness quest, and I generally have positive thoughts about my journey so far. My cover story for the April 14 issue of Athenaeum has been written and, needless to say, this has been the most hands-on research I’ve done for an article in a while. Here’s the great part: I more »

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Under the Hood: Lifecycle of a news release

Writing and distributing news releases are a key part of any public relations department—and it’s no different here at University News. Well, that’s a lie. We focus on the real news of RIT—an event on campus or the accomplishments of our professors or researchers—instead of shamelessly touting profits or new and improved products. There’s much more »

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Under the Hood: More about Team UNS, Part II

What’s a public relations department without writers? University News has several: Vienna Carvalho-McGrain covers student affairs and is the editor of the Athenaeum newsletter. Michelle Cometa writes about the College of Applied Science and Technology and the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. Will Dube covers the College of Liberal Arts as well as the Golisano more »

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