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Eastman Kodak's donations top more than $1 million

Eastman Kodak Co. is finding diverse ways to support RIT.

Kodak will support RIT’s growth in imaging science and digital imaging in the amount of $1 million over four years.

Daniel A. Carp '73

Kodak will also assist the university’s overarching diversity work with a $100,000 grant. Among the initiatives is a center for diversity — the North Star Center for Academic Success and Cultural Affairs — named after Rochester abolitionist Frederick Douglass’ newspaper. North Star’s mission is to focus on the success of African American, Native American and Hispanic individuals at RIT, providing academic, cultural and career development programs.

“Kodak is proud to partner with RIT in its mission to increase diversity among its community members,” says Kodak Chairman Daniel A. Carp ’73 (MBA).

“North Star and the university’s heightened focus on diversity opens new doors for RIT and Kodak to work together to support the education of minority students,” states Essie Calhoun, Kodak vice president and director of community relations and contributions and RIT Minnett Professor for 2002.

Details of the $1 million gift and RIT’s plans will appear in the next issue.