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Alumni contribute time, energy, ideas as RIT trustees

With up to 55 potential active members, RIT has one of the largest boards of trustees among the nation’s universities. Currently, there are 50 active members and 27 honorary or emeritus members.

Thomas Curley '77, Harris Rusitzky '91 and '56 and Kenneth Reed '71 (from left) are among the alumni who serve on RIT's Board of Trustees.

The university has made an effort during the past decade to add alumni to the board. “Alumni have a vested interest in the university,” says Harris “Bud” Rusitzky ’56 and ’91, the first alumnus appointed as a full board member, in 1972. “And, as former students, we have insider knowledge and a sense of the history.”Bruce James ’64 will be the second alumnus to serve as chair when he takes office in November. William Buckingham ’64, elected to the position in 1997, was first.

Following are the alumni currently serving on the RIT Board of Trustees:

Daniel J. Bader ’87 (business administration) and ’85 (computer information services); president, Helen Bader Foundation, Inc.

Donald N. Boyce ’67 (business administration); retired chairman of the board, IDEX Corporation

William A. Buckingham ’64 (business administration); retired executive vice president, M&T Bank

Thomas A. Curley ’77 (MBA); president and publisher, USA Today

Sudakar G. Dixit ’74 (MBA); president, founder, and chief executive officer, Newtex Industries, Inc.

Klaus Gueldenpfennig ’77 (MBA) and ’74 (M.S. electrical engineering); president and chairman of the board, Redcom Laboratories, Inc.

Brian H. Hall ’78 (MBA); president and chief executive officer, Thomson Legal & Regulatory Group

Gilbert J. Hatch ’80 (M.S. mechanical engineering) and ’72 (B.S. mechanical engineering); president, Office Systems Group, Xerox Corporation

Susan R. Holliday ’85 (MBA); president and publisher, Rochester Business Journal

Bruce R. James ’64 (printing management and sciences); retired chairman and chief executive officer, Barclays Law Publishers

Roger W. Kober ’84 (mechanical engineering); retired chairman and chief executive officer, Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation

Robert J. Kohler Jr. ’59 (imaging science); retired executive vice president and general manager, TRW Avionics & Surveillance Group

Gary J. Lindsay ’64 (business administration); CPA

Joseph M. Lobozzo II ’95 (MBA); president and chief executive officer, JML Optical Industries Inc.

Michael P. Morley ’69 (business administration); chief administrative officer and executive vice president, Eastman Kodak Company

Kenneth J. Reed ’71 (chemistry); research associate, Eastman Kodak Company

Harris H. Rusitzky ’91 (M.S.) and ’56 (hospitality and tourism management); president, The Greening Group

Carl E. Sassano ’72 (Eisenhower College); president and chief executive officer, Transmation, Inc.

Frederick T. Tucker ’63 (electrical); retired executive vice president and deputy to the chief executive office, Motorola, Inc.

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