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RIT’s ‘Big Shot’ goes international

The 20th “Big Shot” photo event is the first to reach outside of the United States. On Oct. 9, faculty from the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences and National Technical Institute for the Deaf will lead volunteers in creating a nighttime photograph of the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s among the events planned for the first Lennart Nilsson Conference on Scientific Photography.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm will be the subject of the next “Big Shot,” scheduled for Oct. 9.

Big Shot involves hundreds of assistants armed with camera flashes and flashlights that illuminate the subject area during an extended exposure.

Faculty members Michael Peres, Bill DuBois and Dawn Tower DuBois are Big Shot coordinators. Staffan Larsson, director of media at Stockholm’s Huddinge University, proposed bringing the project to Sweden and is serving as the liaison between Big Shot coordinators and the various contacts in Stockholm.

Updates on Big Shot are available on the Web at www.rit.edu/bigshot.