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Class Notes (1996-2003)

1996 reunion 2006

Angelique Altus ’96 (KGCOE) is a senior hardware engineer for Lockheed Martin, Syracuse, N.Y.

Teresa Kittle Baker ’96 (CIAS) is a distribution and mailing supervisor for Wilcox Press Inc., Ithaca, N.Y.

Danielle Baldassarre ’96 (COS) is an associate in the litigation department for Damon & Morley LLP, Buffalo, N.Y.

Jess Burns ’96 (CAST) is a senior estimator for R.J. Griffin & Co., Atlanta, Ga.

Dawnmarie Caggiano SVP ’90, ’94 (NTID), ’96 (COLA) is a program director for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc., Port Richey, Fla.

Tomoya Endo ’96 (CAST) is a manager for Accenture Corp., Tokyo, Japan.

Monica Humby ’96 (COS) is a pressroom supervisor for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisc.

Dianne Iverglynne ’96 (CIAS) is a photographic conservation scientist for Silver X Photographic Conservation, Hagerman, Idaho.

Alison King ’96 (KGCOE) is a senior industrial engineer for United Defense LP, York, Pa.

Corabelle Llarenas ’96 (COB) is an account manager for Direct Partners, San Francisco, Calif.

Neressa Sheets Morrison SVP ’83, ’96 (NTID) is a photography laboratory specialist for Wal-Mart, North Olmsted, Ohio.

Geoffrey Riegle ’96 (KGCOE) is a systems engineer for Lockheed Martin Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.

Peyton Russell ’96 (CIAS) has separated from the U.S. Army and joined the U.S. Coast Guard as a helicopter pilot. He is assigned to the Coast Guard’s Helicopter Interdiction Squadron (HITRON-10) fighting the war against drugs entering the U.S. in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific.

Robert Stinson ’96 (CIAS) is a Web and marketing designer for Endeca, Mass.

Gina Vanpelt ’96 (COS) is a sonographer for Maternal Fetal Medicine of Eastern Maine, Bangor, Me.

Paul Waldrop ’91 (CAST), ’96 (KGCOE) is a fabrications manager for Calient Optical Components, Ithaca, N.Y.

Christie Williamson ’96 (CIAS) owns her own high school sports photography company, www.sportsphotoinc.com. She was married in September 2001 with an instant family.

Eric Yager ’96 (COS) is a graduate student at the University of Albany (N.Y.).

1997 reunion 2007

Darrell Aggas SVP ’85, ’89, ’97 (NTID) and wife, Julia (Shapiro) Aggas ’96 (CAST), ’95 (COLA) welcomed a son, Bode, on Oct. 1, 2002. He joins big brothers Jaron, 7 and Blake, 5.

Patrick Calder ’97 (CIAS) has started an animation business specializing in forensic animation. His company, Smudge Animation, East Lansing, Mich., is a part-time endeavor, but he hopes to make it his primary employment in the near future.

Carly Wilson Carozza ’97 (COS) is a senior laboratory technician for American Red Cross, Philadelphia, Pa.

Timothy Cozzens ’97 (CIAS) is president of Workshop/Cozzens, Inc., Chicago, Ill.

Michelle Danzer-Gries ’97 (CIAS) is a graphic designer for Hasbro Inc, Pawtucket, R.I.

James Glydon ’97 (CAST) is a senior engineer for Kraft Foods, East Hanover, N.J.

Mark Hoffman ’97 (CAST) is a software developer and consultant for Utilitek Systems Inc., Vestal, N.Y.

Nancy Jones, ’91, ’95 (CCE), ’97 (CAST) has joined the Rochester Hearing and Speech Center staff as a marketing coordinator. She takes her 10 years of community outreach experience from the Visiting Nurse Service to the RHSC to raise the agency’s awareness in the community.

Rajiv Kukreja ’97 (KGCOE) is vice president of software engineering for Goldman, Sachs & Co., New York City.

Chad Ludwig SVP ’91, ’97 (COLA) is a program coordinator of the Advocacy, Information and Referral (AIR) Program at the Community Service Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Seattle, Wash., and earned a master’s degree in social work from East Carolina University in December 2002.

Keith Mancini ’97 (CIAS) is a forensic photographer for Westchester County, Valhalla, N.Y.

Brian Martens ’97 (KGCOE) is a senior development engineer for Rochester MicroSystems Inc., Rochester.

Elizabeth McDermott ’97 (CAST) is a packaging development specialist for Estée Lauder, New York City.

Kathryn McGuire ’97 (CAST) has started a consulting firm, Senior Services Advisory Group LLC. The firm provides assistance to health care providers and companies that seek to initiate, improve or expand their services to seniors. Her Web site is www.sportsphotoinc.com.

George Nadeau ’97 (CIAS) is a graphic designer and production manager for RichFX, New York.

Laura Webber Nelson ’93, ’94, ’97 (CIAS) is a graphic designer in the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies at RIT.

Scotty Rill ’97 (COB) recently joined BuyerZone.com in Boston as senior marketing manager.

William Sakran ’97 (KGCOE) is an electronics designer for Mattel/Fisher-Price, New York City.

Brian Shelford ’97 (CIAS) is an art director for Nordec Inc., Stow, Ohio.

Christopher Stein ’97 (CIAS) and his wife, Alexandria Hong ’97 (CIAS), have been shooting for clients including Grey Worldwide, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, Brooks Brothers, L’Oreal and Time magazine. In August 2003 they took time off for a cross country motorcycle ride.

Craig Stitsinger ’97 (CIAS) and Kara Meola ’97 (COS) were married on Aug. 24, 2002.

Eric Stundtner ’97 (CAST) is an engineering manager for Pliant Plastics Corp., Muskegon, Mich.

Evan Swanson ’97 (CAST) is a systems engineer for EDS-Adidas, Portland, Ore.

Jill Uhryniak ’97 (COS) is an information and strategic planner for Medrad Inc., Indianola, Pa.

Apurva Varia SVP ’92, ’97 (KGCOE) and wife, Kalpana (Murthy) Varia SVP ’92, ’98 (COS), ’01 (NTID), welcomed a son, Dharshan Venkatapravin, on Dec. 20, 2002.

1998 5th Reunion

Lorraine Barbely ’98 (CIAS) is a photo editor for First for Women Magazine, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

Alexander Burlakin ’98 (KGCOE) is an information technology consultant for Accenture, Kronberg, Germany.

Christopher Conroy ’98 (COLA) is a journalist, production assistant and Webmaster for The River Reporter, Narrowsburg, N.Y.

Jessica Corff ’98 (CIAS) is a graphic artist for TJX Companies Inc., Framingham, Mass.

Matthew Dey ’98 (CAST) is director of Web operations for Gartner Inc., Stamford, Conn.

Dawn Eveleth ’98 (CIAS) is a designer for Reebok, Canton, Mass.

John Flannery ’98 (COB) is a solutions architect and project manager for Ciber Inc., Fairport, N.Y.

Shayne Grant ’98 (CAST) is a graphic designer for St. Joseph’s College of Main, Standish, Maine.

Shannon Hulbert ’98 (CAST) is a meeting planner for BTI The Travel Consultants, Syracuse, N.Y.

Deborah LaManna ’98 (COB) is a channel marketing manager for Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester.

Micah Modell ’98 (CAST) is an applications manager for TopCoder Software, Glastonbury, Conn.

Melissa Mortimer ’95, ’98 (COB) is an account supervisor for Kraft, J. Brown/LMC Group, Stamford, Conn.

Jarrod Needle ’98 (CIAS) is a freelance photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kenneth Parris ’96 (CIAS), ’98 (CIAS) is an art director for Uproar, New York City.

David Sackett ’94, ’98 (KGCOE) is an engineering manager for Eastman Kodak Co., Digital Cameras Division, Rochester.

Randhir Sawant ’98 (COB) is a business development manager for BASF India Limited, Bombay, India.

Maria Sebastian ’98 (CIAS) is a packaging design manager for Snapple Beverage Group, White Plains, N.Y.

Leah St. Martin ’98 (COLA) is a field research supervisor for SPAR Group Inc., Tarrytown, N.Y.

Jonathan Williams ’98 (CIAS) is a prepress manager for Banta Publications Group,

Stanislav Zvinyatskovskiy ’98 (CAST) is a software engineer for Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, Calif.

1999 reunion 2004

Robert Bedrosian SVP ’96, ’99 (NTID) and Mary E. Chandler SVP’96, ’00 (NTID) were married on Sept. 8, 2001.

Tricia Dugan ’99 (KGCOE) is a senior microprocessor product development engineer for Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, Texas.

Sean Fletcher ’99 (CIAS) is an art director for Olive Kids, Marlborough, N.H.

Ana Gonzalez ’99 (CIAS) is an art director for J.Walter Thompson, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Karen Haugeto ’99 (CIAS) and Michael Hoyack ’01 (CAST) were married on Oct. 12, 2002.

Jamie Hawver ’99 (COLA) was married on March 30, 2003, to Steven Sparacino. She is an HIV specific/substance abuse case manager for DePaul Huther Doyle, Rochester.

Jeffrey Johnson ’99 (CAST) is an engineering consultant for IDCON, Raleigh, N.C.

Kathleen Lange ’99 (CIAS) received three awards from the New York State Associated Press Association. These awards are presented annually to photographers, writers and graphic artist from participating newspapers across the state. Lange won the following awards: 2000-first place in the feature photos category; 2001-first place in the photo illustration category; 2002-second place in the photo illustration category.

Michael Laska ’99 (CAST) is a test engineer for MKS Instruments, ENI Products, Rochester.

Jon Melnik ’99 (KGCOE) is a software engineer for Intel, Buffalo, N.Y.

Gregory Musho ’97, ’99 (COB) is a strategic communications management consultant for A+ Consulting Inc., Rochester.

Marla Pinsky ’99 (CIAS) is a photo journalist for the Springfield Republican, Springfield, Mass.

Joseph Ranney ’99 (CAST) is a systems engineer for Nortel Networks, Amherst, N.Y.

James Reid ’99 (CAST) received the 2002 Al Bard Award, presented by the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI). He is the first educator to receive this honor.

Stacy Speidel ’99 (COLA) is vice president of A+ Consulting, Rochester.

Matthew Tantalo ’99 (COB) is director of intramural activities for Elmira College (N.Y.).

Tracy Weber ’99 (CAST) received her doctorate in December 2002 from Andrews University.

2000 reunion 2005

Brett Berry ’00 (CAST) is a packaging designer for Mastery Development Corp., Rochester.

Joanna Brown ’00 (NTID) is a first and second grade teacher for the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, Philadelphia.

Jason Burkholder ’00 (KGCOE) is an applications engineer for ASM Lithography, Hillsboro, Ore.

Tara Christiano ’00 (COS) and James Christiano were married on June 9, 2001.

Diane Cinney ’00 (CAST) is an accounts payable operator for Datrose Industries, Webster, N.Y.

David Dreese ’00 (KGCOE) is a research assistant for Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pa.

Aimee Gray Flannery ’00 (CIAS) is a designer for Nothnagle Realtors, Rochester.

Christopher Harris ’00 (CIAS) is a marketing consultant for Springworks Group Ltd., Fairfield, N.J.

Michael Heinecke ’00 (CAST) was married to Karie Berbach on April 13, 2002, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Deacon David Palma (Former Deacon of RIT’s Newman Parish) was the celebrant, Chris Berrios ’99, ’00 (CAST) was the musician, and Mark Keyser ’00 (COE) attended. Heinecke works for Sun Microsystems in Boston.

Diane Kucharczyk ’00 (COS) is an image systems engineer for Eastman Kodak Co., Vienna, Va.

Dean Laury SVP ’82, ’87 (NTID), ’91, ’00 (CAST) and wife, Victoria (Kitchen) Laury SVP ’84, ’88 (NTID) welcomed a son, Zachary Dean on Jan. 29, 2003.

Robert Maurer ’00 (CAST) is a software engineer for RAM Innovations, Rochester.

Stephen Moss ’00 (CIAS) is a graphic designer for Wurld Media Inc., Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Nicole Polarolo ’00 (CAST) was elected by the Board of Legislators to the St. Lawrence County Environmental Management Council in the fall of 2002.

Jolene Seabrook ’00 (COLA) is a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley, Rochester.

Edward Shanshala, ’85, ’87 (COS), ’00 (CAST) is vice president of operations for Rochester Primary Care Networks, Rochester.

Seth Singer ’00 (CAST) is a new media designer for The St. John Group, Toronto, Canada.

Julie Tibbitt SVP ’95, ’00 (COLA) is a conflicts specialist for Shaw Pittman LLP, Washington, D.C. She completed her bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the University of Maryland.

Brendon Treanor ’00 (CIAS) he traveled to Europe for six months after graduation, checked out artwork and sold his own. He then moved to Charlotte, N.C., got a job and got promoted. He is now going to graduate school at the University of North Carolina for marketing.

Mathew Walker ’00 (CAST) is a product engineer for B. Braun Medical Inc., Allentown, Pa.

Patrick Ward ’97 (CIAS), ’00 (CIAS) is an account manager for the Columbia Management Group, Boston.

Joseph Werner ’00 (CAST) is a manufacturing engineer for Southco Inc., Honeoye Falls, N.Y.

Eric Wiley ’99 (CIAS), ’00 (COB) is a manufacturing associate for International Paper Co., Shelbyville, Ill.

2001 reunion 2006

Lisa Armstrong ’01 (CAST) is a senior compliance auditor for Bausch & Lomb, Rochester,

Jay Baker ’01 (COS) is a data center network engineer for NTT/VERIO, Rochester.

Carolina Cizmar ’01 (COB) is a program director in the Cooperative Education and Career Services Office at RIT.

Miro Dzapo ’01 (CAST) is the deputy director for Centar of Technology Transfer, Croatia.

Jeffrey Falchi ’01 (COS) was married to high school sweetheart, Marianne Zawacki, on Feb. 8, 2003, in Camillus, N.Y.

Jacqueline Gacek ’01 (CAST) is a project manager for Kaiser Permanente, Latham, N.Y.

Jessica Gill ’01 (CAST) is director of private dining operations for the Union League Club of Chicago.

David Glowish ’01 (COB) is a senior financial analyst for Wachovia Corp., Charlotte, N.C.

Andrew Gordon ’92 (GAP), ’01 (CIAS) is a senior consultant for Cap Ventures, Norwell, Mass.

Neil Hickey ’01 (CAST) is a systems administrator for Birdair, Inc., Amherst, N.Y.

Rukiya Floyd Isoke ’93, ’94, ’95 (CCE), ’98 (CAST), ’01 (NTID) is a teacher for Cass High School, Cartersville, Ga.

Stephanie Conradt Laniewski ’01 (COS) is working on her master’s degree in genetic counseling at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She married Nathan

Laniewski ’02 (COS) on Dec. 28, 2002, in Bloomfield, N.Y.

Alex Martin ’01 (COB) is an accountant and auditor for Coraggio Textiles, Bellevue, Wash.

Charmaine Mendonsa SVP ’96, ’99, ’01 (NTID) is an access and education specialist for the New Mexico Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons, Santa Fe.

Amy Montagnino SVP ’96, ’01 (NTID) is an office automation assistant for the U.S. Defense Audit Agency. She received an employee award for her contribution to the agency.

Gavin Pratt ’01 (COB) is a project manager for Marsh Inc., New York City.

Donald Smith ’01 (CAST) is a software engineer for IBM Corp., Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Michael Snow ’01 (CAST) is a software engineer for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, R.I.

Shannon Sutton ’01 (COB) is a software developer for IBM Corp. in Austin, Texas. She ran the City of Roma Marathon in Italy in honor of two special people in her life who fight diabetes every day: her father and her friend’s father. She has raised more than $5,000 to support the American Diabetes Association’s efforts in finding a cure.

Ryan Swift ’01 (COS) is an imaging science engineer for Xerox Corp., Webster, N.Y.

Jennifer Tipton Beard ’01 (COS) is a program director for the Youth Volunteer Corps of Greater Kansas City, Shawnee Mission, Kan.

Sean True ’00, ’01 (CIAS) is an account executive for Toppan Printing Co., Somerset, N.J.

Andrew Warycka ’01 (CIAS) is a photography laboratory supervisor for Eckerd Drug, Rochester.

Terri Wiesner ’01 (CIAS) is a national account manager for Flint Ink Corp., Dayton, Ohio.

Shannon Winnie ’01 (CAST) is a junior airport engineer for URS Corp., Tampa, Fla.

2002 reunion 2007

Terrance Antinora ’98, ’02 (CAST) is a systems engineer for Xerox Corp. Inc., Webster, N.Y. He and wife, Julie, welcomed a daughter, Marlee Paige, on April 15, 2003. She joins big brother Ryan, 22 months.

David Clark ’02 (CIAS) and Heather Elizabeth Graham were married on July 27, 2002.

Lauren Collins ’02 (KGCOE) has accepted a position with Ace Systems Technologies Inc., as a Department of Transportation contractor in Washington, D.C.

Paul Comi ’02 (GCCIS) is a software engineer for PaeTec Communications Inc., Fairport, N.Y.

Frank Cosamano ’02 (CAST) is a civil engineer for Cooper Environmental Inc., Charlotte, N.C.

Andrea Dionese ’02 (CIAS) participated in “The Contemporary Narrative” group exhibition at Agora Gallery in Soho, Manhattan. She also participated in the “Spring Salon Part 2” exhibition at Limner Gallery in New York City. She also had three paintings published with Book Art Press, New Art International by Jerry Sedley, 2003 Edition. She will have an exhibition at AAUW Art Forum in November of 2003 in Rochester.

Scott Frankel ’02 (GCCIS) is a network analyst for Practice Systems Integration, Lorton, Va.

Melinda Guereschi ’02 (COB) is an analysis and requirements analyst III for Paychex Inc., Webster, N.Y.

Mili Gupta ’02 (COB) is a marketing associate for SunPower Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.

Beth Hemingway ’02 (COB) is a sales consultant for AlphaGrapics, Rochester.

Althea Keough ’98 (COLA), ’02 (CIAS) is a style editor for BabyTalk/Time Inc., New York.

Jillian Kuruc ’02 (CAST) is a clinical technician editor for Ingenix Health Intelligence, Binghampton, N.Y.

Nathaniel Langdon ’02 (KGCOE) is a yield enhancement engineer for Motorola, Austin, Texas.

Nathan Laniewski ’02 (COS) is working for the Department of Immunology at WFUBMC. He was married to Stephanie Conradt ’01 (COS) on Dec. 28, 2002 in Bloomfield, N.Y.

Jennifer Loonan ’01 (COB), ’02 (COB) is a marketing coordinator for Meridian Printing, E. Greenwich, R.I.

Lawrence Mc Keough ’99, ’02 (CAST) is a bioterrorism response planner for the Missouri Health Department, Joplin, Mo.

Timothy Mc Laughlin ’02 (GCCIS) is a system administrator for eAssist Global Solution, San Diego, Calif.

Paul Mischler ’02 (GCCIS) is an associate computer scientist for Air Force Research Laboratories, Rome, N.Y.

Kevin Sheldon’02 (COB) is a graduate student at Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester.

Karen Spotford ’02 (GCCIS) is a senior computer programmer and analyst for the Rochester Psychiatric Center, Rochester.

Kenneth Vanderveer ’02 (GCCIS) is a software engineer for Northrop Grumman California Microwave Systems, Belcamp, Md.

Mark Vogt ’02 (CIAS) is a senior sales executive for Harty Integrated Solutions, New Haven, Conn.

Xiuling Yan ’02 (COB) is an analyst for Solomon Smith Barney, Rochester.

Ariel Zomer ’02 (CIAS) is an ad service coordinator for Media Networks Inc. Stamford, Conn.


Gary Brennan ’03 (GCCIS) is an information technology specialist for Boeing, Macon, Ga.

Siddharth Mohta ’03 (GCCIS) is a software engineer for Jaw Networks, Rochester.

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