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Who am I?

Excellent teachers are the key to a great education, and RIT has an outstanding faculty. Do you know these RIT professors?

Hamad Ghazle
C.B. Neblette
Eugene Colby
Robert Panara
Carl Atkins
Jayanti Venkataraman

1 When I arrived in 1968, I was the first faculty member at NTID and RIT’s first deaf educator. I founded the English department and the theater program at NTID, and helped found the National Theatre of the Deaf. The theater at NTID, dedicated in 1988, bears my name.

2 I was an employee of Eastman Kodak Company when I started teaching at Mechanics Institute in 1930. Kodak actually loaned me to the institute to develop the photography program. I directed the department and later the School of Photography from 1936 to 1960 and became the first dean of the College of Graphic Arts and Photography, holding that post until 1967.

3 My background is quite different from other professors at RIT – I hold bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in music. Over the past four decades, my experiences have covered a broad spectrum of music ranging from European concert music to American music and jazz. At RIT, I teach historical musicology, ethnomusicology and world music, and direct the World Music Ensemble.

4 As a child growing up in India, teaching was always my goal. My special interests are electromagnetic, microwave and antenna technology, and over the past 20 years at RIT, I have developed courses related to these areas. I was particularly pleased to help establish the Laboratory for Advanced Electromagnetic Studies and the EM Fields Lab because of the benefits such facilities provide for students.

5 I was born in Lebanon and came to RIT as a student. I received my B.S. in diagnostic medical sonography in 1988 and became a teacher in that department in 1994. I lived in an RIT residence hall for two years as the first faculty-in-residence.

6 I was the first principal of the Mechanics Institute and first director of its art school. I served there from its beginning in 1885 until 1905 and I also was very active on the Rochester City Board of Education. I wrote a history of the institute, tracing its development from 1885-1925.