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Class Notes (1980-1989)

1980 reunion 2005

William Boerstler ’79, ’80 (GAP) is a program manager for Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, Brownstown, Pa.

Robert Hamilton ’78 (CCE), ’80 (CAST) is a strategy and production technology manager for Xerox Corp., Webster, N.Y.

Leanne McIntire ’79, ’80 (GAP) is a station general manager for the Sarasota (Fla.) School System.

Anthony Nardello ’80 (COB) is regional vice president of operations for Prime Hospitality, Atlanta, Ga.

Thomas Patti ’78, ’80 (GAP) is director of operations for Book-Mart Press, Division of Courier Corp., North Bergen, N.J.

Richard Pokon ’66 (KGCOE), ’80 (CCE) is a master black belt for Motorola Inc., Seguin, Texas.

Mark Sauer ’80 (CAST) is a senior staff engineer for Honeywell Bull Inc., Clearwater, Fla.

John Shannon ’79, ’80 (GAP) is a systems engineer for Viewpoint Software Solutions Inc., Rochester.

David Smith ’80 (CAST) is a quality manager for ABB Inc, Rochester.

1981 reunion 2006

Thomas Birch ’79, ’81 (COB) is owner of Birch Landscaping, Harwich, Mass.

Edward Flynn ’81 (COB) is a financial consultant for A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc., Chelmsford, Mass.

James Freimuth ’81 (CAST) is an entrepreneurial research freelancer for The JLMars Enterprise, Mars, Pa.

David Kozinn ’81 (CAST) is an assistant director of technology architecture for Ernst & Young, LLP, Lyndhurst, N..J.

Randall Murbach SVP ’81, ’85, ’87 (COB) and Teresa Tempesta, SVP’84, ’87 (NTID), ’91 (COB) became parents of a daughter, Jolene Grace on July 30, 2003. She joins big brother, Colby.

Peter Nash ’81, ’81 (GAP) is a software engineer for Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, Pa.

Michael Olugbile ’79, ’81 (FAA) is head of the ceramics program for Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, Ohio.

Kathleen Polce ’79, ’81 (GAP) is director of the Professional Division at ABC Photo 3 Imaging, Manassas, Va.

William Varley ’81 (CAST) is vice president and manager of Long Island (N.Y.) American Water.

Michael Weiterschan ’81 (CAST) is a controls engineer for General Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y.

Vasilios Zervoulias ’81, ’81 (FAA) is president and owner of Alfa Remodelers and Builders, Garnerville, N.Y.

1982 reunion 2007

Howard Josephs ’81, ’82 (GAP) is a general manager for Sheridan Pocono Press Inc., Cresco, Pa.

Russell Roberts ’82 (CAST) is a project engineer for Xerox Corp., Webster, N.Y.

Patricia Schultz Thomas ’80, ’82 (GAP) is a quality manager for Cadmus, Charlotte, N.C.

S. Michael Warner ’82, ’82 (COB) is chief executive officer for Monroe Classic Inc., Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Mark Wickham ’79, ’82 (KGCOE) is a principal engineer for Hughes Network Systems, Germantown, Md.

1983 reunion 2008

Donna Calendo Bell ’83 (COB) is an account executive for Crawford Broadcasting Co., Rochester.

Derek Brink ’80, ’83 (COS) is vice president of corporate development for RSA Security Inc., Bedford, Mass.

Craig Charles ’83 (COB) is a technology manager for Global Crossing, Pittsford, N.Y.

Jacqueline Battaglia Constantino ’83 (COLA) is an attorney with Parrs & Perotto, LLP, Rochester.

Andrea Durham ’83 (CAST) is a manager of exhibit projects for the Boston (Mass.) Museum of Science.

Daniel Hilsdorf ’80, ’83 (KGCOE) is the electrical engineering department head for Optical Gaging Products Inc., Rochester.

Ronald Hinds ’83 (GAP) is director of 4-color print production for Channing Bete Co., South Deerfield, Mass.

Steven Kelley ’83 (COB) is president and chief executive officer for Ellenville (N.Y.) Regional Hospital.

Gerard Kiernan ’83 (CAST) is director of operations for Eastern States Exposition, West Spring, Mass. In April 2004, he applied for and was later accepted as a Certified Fair Executive.

Michael Lambert ’83 (COB) is a base manager for American Airlines Inc., San Francisco, Calif.

Allen Nogee ’83 (CAST) is a principal analyst for In-Stat/MDR Scottsdale, Ariz.

Michael Pilson SVP ’83, ’88 (NTID), ’91 (CAST) is a technical service engineer for Photocircuits Inc., Glen Cove, N.Y.

William Rahm ’83 (COB) is a director for Triad Hospitals Inc., Frisco, Texas.

Curtis Reid SVP ’83, ’88 (COB), ’94 (CAST) is an information technology specialist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C.

Kevin Spaulding ’81, ’83 (GAP) is a senior principal scientist for Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester.

Michael Stepansky SVP ’83, ’87 (NTID) is a 3D graphics illustrator for 2-Scale Inc., Holland, Ohio.

Timothy Varano ’81, ’83 (COB) is a materials manager for Syncro Corp., Arab, Ala.


Wilfred Bourdon ’84 (KGCOE) is a senior lead engineer for General Dynamcis Advanced Information Systems, Pittsfield, Mass.

Christopher Clemens ’81, ’84 (COS) is a research scientist for Genta Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah.

James Denzak ’82, ’84 (COB) is a worldwide PLM sales leader for IBM Corp., Rochester.

Samson Dikeman ’84 (CAST) is a computer consultant for Keane Inc., Albany, N.Y.

Gregory Fiorito ’82, ’84 (GAP) is a group production director for Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers, Appleton, Wisc.

Lisa Lewis ’84 (CAST) is an account executive for Galt Ventures Inc., Newtown, Pa.

Bruce Martha ’84 (KGCOE) is a mechanical engineer for P.C.B. Piezotronics Inc., Depew, N.Y.

David McClellan SVP ’84 ’87 (NTID) is a machinist for the North Island Naval Aviation Depot, San Diego, Calif.

Paul Melnychuck ’81 (GAP), ’83 (COS), ’84 (GAP) is president and producer for Too Far LLC, Woodside, Calif.

Scott Strong ’82, ’84 (COB) is an accounting supervisor for MWI Inc, Rochester.

Angela Vandenbosch Waldriff ’84 (COB) after 12 years of owning a ladies clothing store, Ashlee’s Place Inc. in Medina, N.Y., opened TJW Men’s Shop in October 2003.

Steven White ’84 (FAA) is an artist and designer for Steve White Design, Bellingham, Wash.

1985 reunion 2005

Jeffrey Eng ’85 (CAST) is a software engineer for Hewlett Packard, Greenbelt, Md.

Cynthia Pulcino Green ’84 (CCE), ’85 (COB) is a buyer for Nalge Nunc International, Rochester.

Mary Quigley ’85 (COLA) is regional coordinator of deaf services for the Southeastern Center for Mental Health, Wilmington, N.C.

Nitin Sampat ’85 (GAP) is the James E. McGhee Professor in Photographic Management in RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences.

Luke Smith ’85 (KGCOE) is a staff research engineer for Lockheed Martin-Missiles and Fire Control, Orlando, Fla.

Robert Voelcker ’85 (FAA) is an interactive marketing manager for Element K, Rochester.

1986 reunion 2006

Deborah Beardsley ’86 (CAST) is a resort stage manager for Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.

Ted Kelchner ’86 (CAST) is a senior electrical engineer for the Larson Design Group, Williamsport, Pa.

William McDowell ’86 (FAA) is a professor in the Department of Art for the University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt.

John McFarland ’86 (COB) is a district manager for Hubbell Inc., El Dorado Hills, Calif.

Mark McKenna ’86 (CAST) is a project engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Drum, N.Y.

David Odle ’86 (KGCOE) is a device engineering section manager for Motorola Inc., Chandler, Ariz.

Linda Pettit ’86 (CAST) is a manufacturing program manager for Sensis Corp., DeWitt, N.Y.

Maria Riggio ’86 (GAP) is a deal management associate for R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., New York City.

Michael Schiro SVP ’78, ’83, ’86 (COB) is a quality control analyst for Metavante, Brown Deer, Wis.

Martin Shepherd ’86 (CAST) is supervisor of supply chain materials-packaging, resins and industrial gases for Corning Inc., Corning, N.Y.

Michael VanSlooten SVP ’86, ’89 (NTID) received Associate of the Month recognition in October 2003 for customer service excellence at Kohl’s Department Store, Clifton, N.J. He is a truck unloader responsible for replenishment of stock.

1987 reunion 2007

Ramon Baez ’79, ’80, ’87 (GAP) is president of Ramon L. Baez, C. por A., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Renee Reagan Booths ’87 (FAA) is a product designer for Conso International, Union, S.C.

Dominic Carelli ’87 (CAST) is president of Integrated Control Systems of N.Y. Inc., Waterford, N.Y.

Robert Firestein ’86, ’87 (GAP) is a vice president for Svec/Conway Printing Inc., Silver Spring, Md.

Philip Kroth ’87 (KGCOE) is an assistant professor for the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

John Lenihan ’87 (KGCOE) is a senior communications engineer for Adroit Systems, Arlington, Va.

Kenneth Marks ’86, ’87 (GAP) is a corporate production control manager for Rohrer Corp., Wadsworth, Ohio.

John O’Connor ’87 (CAST) is director of operations for Hospitality Management Corp., Dallas, Texas.

Kathy O’Donnell SVP ’87, ’90 (NTID), ’93 (COLA) is a preschool teacher for Delaware School for the Deaf, Newark.

Gino Panaro ’85, ’87 (GAP) is a telecine colorist for Rushes, Los Angles., Calif.

Susan Pignataro-Farrell ’87 (CAST) is president of The Advantage Group, Los Gatos, Calif.

1988 reunion 2008

Claire Baker ’88 (FAA) is owner of Copabananas, Montclair, N.J.
Paul Brodowski ’86, ’88 (COB) is a product manager for Tyco Adhesives, Norwood, Mass.

Curtis Combar ’88 (CAST) is director of application development for Inovant, Portland, Me.

Vincent Conzola ’88 (KGCOE) received a Ph.D. in psychology/
ergonomics from North Carolina State University in December 2003.

David Goldstein ’87, ’88 (GAP) is president of GIC Intellectual Property, Alexandria, Va.

Jenny Kohl ’88 (GAP) is an art director for America Online, Dulles, Va.

Gerald Nista ’88 (GAP) is a production coordinator for Paris Printing, Novato, Calif.

Tracy Lupatkin Schanzer ’88 (FAA) and husband, Alan, celebrated the birth of their second child, daughter, Lane Ray, on Jan. 27, 2004.

B. Scott Stiles ’87, ’88 (GAP) is captain for the Charlotte (N.C.) Fire Department.

Roy Stillman ’88 (COLA) is a special agent and regional security officer for the American Embassy, Oslo, Norway

Gerald Tallinger ’71 (FAA), ’88 (COB) is vice president of marketing and sales for OEA International Inc., Morgan Hill, Calif.

Christopher Toumbacaris ’88 (CAST) is a controls engineer for Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Brewerton, N.Y.

Thomas True ’88 (CAST) is a member of technical staff for Nvidia, Santa Clara, Calif.

Darren Ward ’88 (GAP) is a production manager for Color Technology Inc., Portland, Ore.

Carrie Southworth Wetherington ’84, ’86, ’88 (COB) is a senior financial analyst for Merck & Co. Inc., North Wales, Pa.


Scott Bruck ’89 (KGCOE) is manager of software development for eBay Inc., San Jose, Calif.

Robert Caiello ’89 (KGCOE) is a vice president for the Home Shopping Network, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Thomas Calarco ’86 (KGCOE), ’89 (COB) is a senior security engineer for Check Point Software Technologies Inc., Virginia Beach, Va.

Dana Basso D’Amico ’89 (COS) is a senior technical specialist for Beckman Coulter Inc., Miami, Fla.

Gayle Hartman ’89 (FAA) is a corporate production director for Billian/Trans World Publishing, Atlanta, Ga.

David Haviland ’89 (GAP) is a teacher for Hanover County Public Schools, Mechanicsville, Va.

Teresa Herd ’89 (FAA) is a creative director for Staples, Framingham, Mass.

Nancy Klarman ’89 (CAST) is an entrepreneur and real estate investor for Creative Yankee Enterprises, Keene, N.H.

Frederick Little ’89 (COLA) is a civil affairs course manager for the U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Cynthia Ludwig ’89 (KGCOE) is a systems manager for ZALE Lipshy University Hospital, Dallas, Texas.

Michael Roberts ’89 (CAST) is manager of field services and operations for Columbia Gas Transmission Corp.–a NiSource Company, Chester Springs, Pa.

Drew Solomon ’89 (COS) is a senior management analyst for the Office of the State Treasurer, Las Vegas, Nev.

Jeffrey Swarthout ’86, ’89 (CAST) is project manager for Click2learn Inc., Rochester.