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Students revive RIT’s yearbook with new format, new name

RIT Timeline staffers
RIT Timeline staffers from top: Kristin McGeorge, Petr Nestratov, Kristin Brown, Tom Pelillo, Abdul Matsah, Daniel Martin and Kristina Leh.

Carve out space on your bookshelves: For the first time since 1993, RIT once again has a yearbook.

RIT Timeline is hoping to pick up where its predecessor Techmilla left off – but in an entirely different way. There will be no portraits and senior quotes. Instead, editors intend it as a timeline recapping the year in Brick City.

“When you open it up, it’ll start with day one and it will end with graduation,” says Kristina Leh, founding editor, who began work on the project last summer. The book originated at the urging of RIT President Albert Simone and Student Government leaders.

The book is printed on demand and two editions are available. The first edition is for returning students. The second edition is for graduating students and features commencement.

John Follaco