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The University Magazine Spring 2007

PSK brothers from the 1960s reunite

Celebrating at the reunion are, from left, John Allen ’66, Bill Blaufuss ’67, Ed Dawson ’66 and John Whitely ’69.

What started out as an idea between Colin Wood ’69 (printing) and John Whitely ’68 (business administration) became a reality March 23-25, 2007, in Naples, Fla. Thirty-eight brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity followed through on their motto – “We do what others dream about!” – and had a 40-year reunion.

Friday night was an informal get-together so everyone could get reacquainted. Saturday started with a golf outing followed by a party at Colin Wood’s house. The Saturday evening dinner-dance was held at the beautiful Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. To everyone’s delight there was a plethora of memorabilia, such as yearbooks, composites, pictures and old sweatshirts. The official weekend ended with a cruise/lunch along Naples Bay on the Naples Princess.

Not only were there 38 alumni, there but there were seven alumnae – women who had met and married PSK brothers during college or after graduation.

“Needless to say everyone had a ball and we have started planning the next reunion – and certainly not in 40 years!” says Whitely.

The following PSK alumni were in attendance: John Allen ’66 (business administration), Ron Antos ’68 (imaging science), Al Austin ’69 (mechanical engineering, Pete Bird ’66 (printing), Craig Bisbing ’69 (business administration), Bill Blaufuss ’67 (printing), Jim Brady ’68 (business administration), Walt Bruehs ’67 (chemistry and printing), Bob Cembrola ’72 (chemistry), Gene Church ’69 (mechanical engineering), Bob Coppola ’70 (photography), Dennis Coyle ’66 (printing), Ed Dawson ’66 (printing), Wayne Donle ’67 (mechanical engineering), Dave Doyle ’68 (printing), Harry Drake ’66 (photography), John Dunn ’68 (printing), Ray Finney ’69 (chemistry), Joe Ford ’68 (printing), Frank Friis ’68 (printing), John Gardella ’68 (printing), David Jones ’67 (business administration), Steve Jones ’70 (printing), Walt Klein ’67 (mechanical engineering and printing), Jim Leida ’67 (printing), Robert MacGregor ’69 (business administration), Andre Maynard ’69 (mechanical engineering), Bob McIntyre ’71 (electrical), Chip Neuscheler ’68 (printing), Karl Rachfal ’66 (printing), Dick Rainone ’68 (electrical), Rob Roperti ’66 (printing), Craig Sager ’72 (imaging science), John Vanderveen ’67 (electrical), Bob Wensley ’69 (mechanical engineering), John Whitely ’67 (business administration), Bob Witmeyer ’71 (business administration) and Colin Wood ’69 (printing).

Alumnae attending: Pat Lorden Blaufuss ’68 (business administration), Pat Vasisko Dunn ’67 (art and design), Susan Thorpe Gardella ’66 (retail management), Jo Jackson Jones ’67 (retail management), Patricia Carson MacGregor ’69 (retail management), Mary Dianne Older Roperti ’65 (retail management) and Jette Davidsson Whitely ’67 (art and design).