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RIT Research Corp. plays key role in UN global census project

    The RIT Research Corp. will have a hand in both the United States decennial census in 2000 and the worldwide census, following an official endorsement by the United Nations Statistics Division.

    The endorsement ensures the creation of an Electronic Data Capture and Analysis (EDCA) Laboratory at RIT Research Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of RIT. The lab will provide educational and consulting services to United Nations member states to help them develop electronic solutions to capture census, population and housing surveys and other statistical data. In 1995, the UN passed a resolution calling for all member states to conduct population and housing censuses by 2004.

    For more than seven years, RIT Research Corp. has been working with the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, supporting the development of electronic data capture for the Y2K decennial census. By 2001, RIT Research Corp. is expected to earn $7.5 million from the bureau for advice on various topics. The Y2K decennial census will capture data on over 1.5 billion pages of questionnaires in 100 days.

    "Our experience with the project will enable us to assist the member states in designing the best possible data capture solution for each imaging application," says Donald Boyd, until recently RIT Research Corp. president and currently associate provost for outreach programs. "This is where our knowledge and expertise in electronic data capture will play a significant role." The EDCA laboratory is expected to be operational in the next few months and will provide training and consulting services for representatives from UN member states during this multi-year project.