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Michelle Blanchard Hobbs '94 is a brand specialist for BOLT, Charlotte, N.C.

Sandra Lewis '94 is art director for Oxford Clinical Communications, Alameda, Calif.

Erin Malone '94 is creative director for AltaVista, New Media Division, Palo Alto, Calif.

Curtis McIlvain '94 is lead designer for Year One Inc., Atlanta.

Taizo Nomura '94 is an instructor for Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Kyoto, Japan.

Adrienne Reaves '94 is a media graphics analyst for Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond, Va.

Philip Rose '94 is director of production for Army Times Publishing Company, Springfield, Va.

Renee Stetson '94 is a production manager for Courtney and Watson Advertising, Miami Beach, Fla.

Robert Vanpamelen '94 is a senior packaging engineer for General Motors Corp., Tonawanda.

Eddy Wang '94 is director of multimedia for Team-Alpha, New York.

Seth Ansell '95 is a color science engineer for Canon Information Systems, San Jose, Calif.

Victoria Arocho '95 is a staff photographer for the Associated Press, Los Angeles.

Jennifer Damiano '95 is a graphic designer for Loews Corporation, New York.

Charles Ganiear '95 is a development engineer for Eastman Kodak Company.

Joan Hostetler '95 is owner of Heritage Photo Systems, Inc., Indianapolis.

Kenneth Kowalski '95 is an asset manager for Interchange Digital Management Services, Des Plaines, Ill.

Brent Layton '95 is a graphic designer for KPE, New York.

Jennifer Adamowicz Miller '95 is artistic director for Designer Dispatch Ribbon, Plumsteadville, Pa.

Ronald Wilhelm '95 is a senior Web developer for Xcare.net, Englewood, Colo.

Katherine Buck '96 is an account executive for PRMC Advertising, Morristown, N.J.

Kelly Merck Fisher '96 is an internet project manager for Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, New York.

Brent Logero '96 is a desktop support technician for Qwest Commun-ications, Denver, Colo.

John Mitchell '96 is a product development manager for SingleShop.com. Reston, Va.

Mark Steiner '96 is an industrial designer for Techsonic, Alpharetta, Ga

Nicole Wiley '96 is a supervisor for Golden Books Family Entertainment, New York.

Heather Hartley '97 is a multimedia designer for Advanced Medical Ventures, Ltd., Encino, Calif.

Kris Irwin '97 is a senior interior designer for Spectrum Design Group, Rochester.

Reshma Khanna '97 is a CAD assistant for the DeWolff Partnership Architects, Rochester.

Deborah Kulas '97 is purchasing manager for Ralph Lauren Fragrances, New York.

Anmari Linardi '97 is a freelance photojournalist and environmental photographer in Rochester.

Edgar Marmen '97 is a digital
media specialist for Context Media, Providence, R.I.

Jennifer Muller '97 is a graphic designer for Destia Communications, Paramus, N.J.

Ziad Nassif '97 is a digital manager for Eastman Kodak Company.

Laura Webber Nelson '97 is a graphic designer for UltraForm System Cabinetry, Inc., Scottsville.

Jeffrey Smith '97 is a designer for Interior Architects, Inc., Dallas.

Jody Thomas '97 is an interactive designer for the Discovery Channel, Bethesda, Md.

John Bussolari '98 is an account manager for Cadmus, Sandston, Va.

Yuk-Kuen Chen '98 is a production artist for Desgrippes Gobe and Associates, New York.

Edward Dagg '98 is a configuration technician for ABB, Wickliffe, Ohio.

Andrew Denney '98 is an adjunct professor of ceramics for Bradford College, Bradford, Mass.

Erin Fahringer '98 is a graphic designer for The Wall Street Journal, New York.

Lynnette Foster '98 is a designer for Yankee Candle Company, South Deerfield, Mass.

Kerry Huller '98 is a staff photographer for Casper Star Tribune, Casper, Wyo.

Jessica Kleinerman '98 is owner of The Clayspot, Easthampton, Mass.

Kristyne Krummenacker '98 is a sports photo editor for the New York City Bureau of the Associated Press

Krista Manuel '98 is a production manager for ImageCore Ltd., Buffalo.

Jennifer McEnerney '98 is a solutions engineer for Xerox Corporation.

Kenneth Parris '98 is art director for Eller Media Company, San Antonio, Tex.

Jennifer Zimmet '98 is a graphic designer for Accessory Network, New York.

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