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A new home for Alumni Relations

The Office of Alumni Relations has moved into office space in the new Crossroads Building on campus. Our new Alumni Union will serve as a comfortable gathering place for students and graduates. While visiting, alumni can enjoy lunch in the Cafü and Market, which offers a wide variety of foods served at a la carte stations including Asian cuisine, submarine sandwiches, pizza, pasta, grilled foods, soups and a coffee and smoothie bar.

The Alumni Union also will function as "reunion central" to thousands of alumni invited back to campus to celebrate their class reunions, as well as a meeting place for Rochester Chapter volunteers and the Alumni Network Board of Directors. This building, on the west side of campus near parking lot S and the University Commons student apartments, is unique on campus in its non-brick exterior, and is comfortably furnished in contemporary decor.

As part of a new initiative, the Office of Alumni Relations will be focusing on college-based activities and events. In cooperation with the college deans, regional events and on-campus programming specifically focused on each college will be among the variety of offerings. Students will benefit from alumni contact, through career advising and networking opportunities, giving students an edge in today's competitive job market.

Whether you are interested in becoming a career advisor, participating in an alumni panel, presenting a student workshop or helping out at senior night, there are many opportunities available for alumni to volunteer.

We invite all alumni to come back to campus and to become involved in the life of RIT and its students. You can contact the Office of Alumni Relations by e-mail at ritalum@rit.edu or phone (716) 475-ALUM or fax (716) 475-5308.