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Big' idea

I want to mention that today’s Big Shot photo projects are not the first to photograph large scenes with the technique of “painting with light.” Back in 1964 at the old RIT downtown campus, David M. Spindel ’64 (photo illustration) and myself, along with dozens of others, attempted this project.

We had gathered on top of the roof of the Nathaniel Rochester Hall (men’s dorm) on a clear but freezing cold night. We were to take a panoramic shot of the entire campus using a modified painting with light technique.

D-cell batteries were wired to No. 22 flash bulbs that screwed into reflectors. Helpers were assigned to specific areas of the campus and told to fire their flashbulbs on commands given via walkie-talkie.

Unfortunately, a miscommunication caused everyone to fire their flash bulbs at the wrong time and the project had to be abandoned. But we tried.
Robert Renner ’66 (photo science)
Levittown, NY

Editor’s note: The 23rd Big Shot photo organized by the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences took place April 12 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. To view the results, go to

Memories of you

Hurrah! A bunch of 70+ RITers who still have the long-term memory to be able to identify classmates from 50 years ago. The girl above Mr. Belnap is Cindy, who was a potter at SAC. I was never in student council so No. 6 is not me and I have no idea who she is.

I retired last year but am busier than ever volunteering with non-profit agencies and efforts that help people who fall between the cracks of state and federal programs. It’s the best job I ever had!

P.S. Hi to Ed Krauss ’57!

Pat Richardson Jung ’55 (photography)
Wellsville, N.Y.

Editor’s note: Jung refers to a 1950s photo that appeared on page 6 of the Winter 2006-07. People in the photo were identified based on letters from readers. Emily Goetzman ’54 (art and design) of Rochester called to say she believes the woman misidentified as Jung is actually Clea Cooper Allen ’55 (art and design).

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