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Ellingson, Neblette and Quellmalz


In this photo from the early 1960s, Frederick Quellmalz, right, studies a model of the proposed RIT campus with C. B. Neblette, left, first director of RIT's School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, and RIT President Mark Ellingson. Mr. Quellmalz died in 2006 at age 92.

You asked for information about the gentleman in the photograph on page 6 of the winter issue, shown with RIT President Mark Ellingson and School of Photography Chair C. B. Neblette.

He is Frederick "Fred" Quellmalz, who was the executive director with the Professional Photographers of America Association. He served the PPA for many years as well as the Photography Hall of Fame. I knew him as well as C.B. Neblette, who was one of my teachers at RIT.

I enjoyed the article Legends of the Lens as I knew Pete Turner '57 and had all the instructors mentioned by the three gentlemen in the article.

I use the information from all these people in my classes at Antonelli Institute, which is a 2-year school in the Philadelphia area granting associate degrees in photography.

I now teach as well as doing the commercial and architectural photography that has been my life since graduating from the photo department at RIT with a BFA degree.

What I learned from these instructors helped me in my career working with national companies all over the U. S. as well as abroad.

Thank you for the magazine that mentions some of the photography greats I knew in school both as instructors and students.
Robert D. Golding '58 (photography)
Collingswood, N. J.

The person you are interested in identifying is Fred Quellmalz, who was instrumental in guiding the Professional Photographers of America and was a friend of C. B. Neblette. The PPA offered a scholarship to RIT for which I applied and was rejected by Fred. The scholarship had a stipend of $750, or a quarter's tuition at RIT.

I went on to graduate from RIT in 1970, although I enrolled in 1962. The war in Vietnam interrupted my studies in 1964 and after a tour of duty with the USAF as a photographer, I completed my studies at RIT. I went on to graduate school and studied with the famous RIT photography guru Minor White at MIT.
Richard Albertine '70 (photography)
Baton Rouge, La.

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