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RIT helps to create new college in Kosovo

Education is often the driving force for social and economic recovery in troubled
regions of the world such as war-torn Kosovo. In an effort to spur economic growth, RIT’s College of Applied Science and Technology is launching RIT’s third Eastern European venture.

The American University in Kosovo, a private university in Pristina, welcomed its first class of 70 freshmen in October. Coursework, instructed entirely in English primarily by American faculty, will focus on business, economics, computers and the application of management and technology to overcome business development, economic and manufacturing hurdles.

“The curriculum meets the economic development needs of the region and strengthens the climate for Kosovo’s transition to a free-market economy,” says Jim Myers, director of RIT’s Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, which is collaborating with the American University in Kosovo Foundation to operate American University in Kosovo. “The university truly reflects RIT’s strengths in online learning and global education.”

Coursework in service management, multidisciplinary studies, business development, economics, marketing, American history, science and writing will be instructed this year. American University in Kosovo initially offers a two-year associate degree with plans to offer four-year degrees in a range of programs.

“What has been a dream of the Kosovar and American organizers is becoming reality,” says Louis Sell, executive director of the American University in Kosovo Foundation.

American University in Kosovo joins the American College of Management and Technology in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the U.S. Business School in Prague, Czech Republic, as RIT-operated educational institutions in Eastern Europe.

For more information, visit www.rit.edu/~aukadmin/InsideAUK/.