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Welcome to the first Parent PrioRITies page! I’m very excited to have the chance to communicate with RIT parents about topics of interest to all. As students end their first quarter here, you may have received varied reports about life here at RIT – some good, some uneasy, some not comfortable at all. The Division of Student Affairs hopes students find campus life fun, exciting, and supportive and we hope students take advantage of the many co-curricular opportunities at RIT.

Mary-Beth Copper
Vice President for Student Affairs

One concern for many RIT parents is their children’s health and well-being while on campus. You’ll be pleased to know that at RIT, wellness is a course requirement as well as a desired state. Through unique wellness curricular components, RIT ensures that our students will be exposed to the concept of preventative health care and total health early in their college life, as well as have the opportunity to develop habits that promote a healthy individual and healthy campus community.

All entering first-year students are required to satisfactorily complete the First Year Enrichment (FYE) prgram in the fall and winter quarters. FYE is a 20-week course addressing topics that include an introduction to RIT and its rich history, diversity, interpersonal relationships, nutrition and physical fitness, time and stress management, motivation, and high-risk behaviors. In addition, the Center for Human Performance offers wellness for life, a course specifically designed to assist students in making healthy decisions regarding lifestyle behaviors, covering areas such as behavior-change strategies.

We look forward to expanding wellness programs through additional classes and recreational opportunities housed in the new Gordon Field House and Activities Center, which opens next year. Offering health and fitness activities in a broad spectrum of interests, RIT is committed to helping our students to stay fit for a lifetime – and a good start is a daily walk on the quarter mile!

Mary-Beth Cooper
Vice President for Student Affairs