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Officers, Deans, and Trustees


Albert J. Simone, BA, Ph.D.,
Stanley D. McKenzie, BS, MA, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
T. Alan Hurwitz, BS, MS, Ed.D., Vice President, NTID
Mary-Beth Cooper, BA, MS, Ph.D.,
Vice President, Student Affairs
James G. Miller, BS, MS, Ph.D., Vice President, Enrollment Management and Career Services
Laurel Price Jones, BA, MA, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations
Fred W. Smith, BA, MA, Ph.D.,
Secretary of the Institute and Assistant
to the President
Deborah Stendardi, BA, BA,
Vice President, Government and Community Relations
James H. Watters, BS, MA, Ph.D.,
Vice President, Finance and Administration


Jorge L. Díaz-Herrera, BS, MS, Ph.D., B. Thomas Golisano College of
Computing and Information Sciences
Ian Gatley, BSc, Ph.D., College of Science
Thomas D. Hopkins, BA, MA, Ph.D., College of Business
Donald W. Hudspeth, BC, President/Dean, American College of
Management and Technology
T. Alan Hurwitz, BS, MS, Ed.D., National Technical Institute
for the Deaf
Wiley R. McKinzie, BA, MS, College of Applied Science and Technology
Andrew Moore, BA, MA, D.Phil., College of Liberal Arts
Harvey J. Palmer, BS, Ph.D., Kate
Gleason College of Engineering
Joan B. Stone, BS, MS, Ed.D.,
College of Imaging Arts and Sciences


Richard T. Aab; Chairman, US LEC Corporation
*Burton S. August; Retired Vice President and Current Director, Monro Muffler Brake, Inc., Honorary Chairman
Daniel J. Bader; President, Helen Bader Foundation, Inc.
*Bruce B. Bates; Senior Vice President, Smith Barney, Chairman Emeritus
Richard T. Bourns; Retired Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company
Donald N. Boyce; Retired Chairman, IDEX Corporation
*Joseph C. Briggs; Retired Vice President, Marketing, Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company
*Paul W. Briggs; Retired Chairman and CEO, Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation
William A. Buckingham; Retired Executive Vice President, M&T Bank, Past Chairman
Nancy H. Burke; Women’s Council Representative
David J. Burns; President and CEO,

Gleason Corporation

Ann L. Burr; Retired Executive Vice President, Time Warner Cable
Essie L. Calhoun; Chief Diversity Officer and Director, Community Affairs, Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company
**Catherine B. Carlson
*Colby H. Chandler; Retired Chairman and CEO, Eastman Kodak Company, Chairman Emeritus
*Mary Lu Clark
Joseph P. Clayton; President and CEO, Sirius Satellite Radio
Thomas A. Curley; President and CEO, The Associated Press, Vice Chairman
**Ernest J. Del Monte; Chairman, E. J. Del Monte Corporation
Sudhakar G. Dixit; President, Founder, and CEO, Newtex Industries, Inc.
*Ada Frances (Dancy) Duffus
*Richard H. Eisenhart; Retired Chairman, R.H. Eisenhart, Inc., Chairman Emeritus
Nancy L. Fein; General Manager of
Kansas City Region, Toyota Motor Sales, USA
*Margie Fitch
James S. Gleason; Chairman, The Gleason Works
B. Thomas Golisano; Chairman, Paychex, Inc.
*Lucius R. Gordon; Retired Chairman, Mixing Equipment Company, Inc.
Arthur A. Gosnell; Chairman and CEO, Stonehurst Capital LLC
*Thomas H. Gosnell; Retired Chairman and CEO,Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company, Chairman Emeritus
Ford C. Greene; Former President, Frontier Telephone of Rochester, Inc.
Klaus Gueldenpfennig; President and Chairman, Redcom Laboratories, Inc.
**William B. Hale; Retired Vice President, Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company
Brian H. Hall; President and CEO, Thomson Legal & Regulatory
*Alfred M. Hallenbeck; Partner, Ward Norris Heller & Reidy LLP
Susan R. Holliday; President and Publisher, Rochester Business Journal
Jay T. Holmes; Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
Maurice F. Holmes; Retired Corporate Vice President and Chief Engineer,

Xerox Corporation

*John D. Hostutler; Retired President, Industrial Management Council
Samuel T. Hubbard, Jr.; Chairman and CEO, High Falls Brewing Company, LLP, Vice Chairman
*Frank M. Hutchins; Retired Chairman, Hutchins/Young & Rubicam, Chairman Emeritus, Honorary Vice Chairman
Bruce R. James; Public Printer of the United States, United States Government Printing Office, Chairman
*Herbert W. Jarvis; Former President and CEO, Sybron Corporation
*Byron Johnson; Senior Partner, Johnson, Mullan & Brundage, P.C.
Eric G. Johnson; President and CEO, Baldwin Richardson Foods Company
Thomas F. Judson, Jr.; Chairman and CEO, The Pike Company, Inc.
Kraig H. Kayser; President and CEO, Seneca Foods Corporation
*Roger W. Kober; Retired Chairman and CEO, Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation
Robert J. Kohler, Jr.; Retired Executive Vice President and General Manager, TRW Avionics & Surveillance Group
Gary J. Lindsay; C.P.A.
Joseph M. Lobozzo II; President and CEO, JML Optical Industries, Inc.
James R. Macfadden; President and CEO, Macfadden & Associates, Inc.
Lawrence J. Matteson; Retired Vice President, Imaging & Information Systems, Eastman Kodak Company
Thomas C. McDermott; Retired Chairman, CEO, and President, Goulds Pumps, Inc.
Elizabeth D. Moore; Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP
Michael P. Morley; Retired Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company
*Ann M. Mulligan
Sandra A. Parker; President and Chief Operating Officer, Rochester Business Alliance, Inc.
Wolfgang Pfizenmaier; Sr. Vice President, Liaison Officer – Digital, Heidelberg Americas, Inc.
*Albert T. Pimentel; Retired Headmaster, New York School for the Deaf
Susan M. Puglia; Vice President, Systems on Demand Development, IBM Corporation
Jane Ratcliffe Pulver; NTID National Advisory Group Representative
Kenneth J. Reed; Senior Principal Scientist, Eastman Kodak Company, President, Alumni Network Board
Thomas S. Richards; Former Chairman, President, and CEO, Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation
Harris H. Rusitzky; President, The Greening Group
Richard E. Sands; Chairman, CEO, and President, Constellation Brands, Inc.
Janet F. Sansone; Executive Director, JFS Consulting
Carl E. Sassano; President and CEO, Transcat, Inc.
*James E. Shapiro; Vice President for Management and Career Development, University of New Haven
Albert J. Simone; President, RIT
John M. Summers; Chief Executive Officer, Jasco Tools, Inc.
Sharon Ting; Co-Manager, Awareness Program for Executive Excellence; Manager, Coaching & Feedback, Center for Creative Leadership
*Frederick T. Tucker; Retired Executive Vice President and Deputy to the Chief Executive Officer, Motorola, Inc.
Judy B. von Bucher
Robert D. Wayland-Smith; Retired Vice President and Manager, Upstate Trust & Investment Division, Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.
*William A. Whiteside, Jr.; Retired Partner, Fox, Rothschild, O’Brien & Frankel, Chairman Emeritus
Christine B. Whitman; Partner, CSW Associates, LLC
Thomas C. Wilmot; Chairman Wilmorite Properties, Inc.