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SOS remembered

A number of readers sent letters and e-mails about the identities of the people in this 1974 photo, but no one remembered them all.

Editor’s note: Thanks to all who wrote to The University Magazine regarding the “From the Archives” photo in the Spring 2004 issue. Here are some excerpts from the letters and e-mails.

I was the assistant director of the student union 1970-1976 and I was responsible for the Student Orientation program. SOS at that time did not stand for Student Orientation Services. It started in 1970 as SOS – Student Orientation Seventy – then became SOS 1, SOS 2, etc. The name probably changed in 1980 when the ’70s ended.

Back in 1974 I could tell you the names of all the nine students in the photo, as well as the other 60-plus members of SOS, but not today. I believe Dave Vogel may have been the SOS chair that year, and I believe Dave is fourth from the left. Who could forget Dave!

I can only assume that my lack of memory is due to the distance between Charleston and Rochester, not time.

Greg Evans ’69 (art and design)
Vice President for Development
College of Charleston
Charleston, S.C.

I was a member of SOS-74. Committee members would live on campus in the dorms for one week prior to new students arriving. We assembled the bags and handed them out to new students.
I can positively identify two of the guys. The third guy from the left, back row, is Martin “Marty” Marks ’75 (printing management). The fifth guy from the left, back row, is Robert “Bob” Kaelblein ’75 (printing management).

Kathy Losapio Oppenheimer ’75, ’79 (photography)
Nashville, Tenn.

The photo includes Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity members. The top row, from left, are Ed Bouton, Rick Adams, Marty Mark, Tom Melton, Bob Kaelbein and Fred Best.

John Sibilia ’78
(printing management)

Gansevoort, N.Y.

The second guy from the left is a very young Burt Coulter and the guy to the right in the dark hair and mustache is Joe Sparta.

Gene Toth ’77
(printing management)

Apex, N.C.

I am the person on the right half of the photo with my head turned left.

Larry Schindel ’76
(printing management)

Bryantown, Md.

What a treat to be found . . . in more ways than one! I am the sole female in the picture. Back then I was Fern Grossman. Some of the guys were from Phi Kappa Tau. I was a “little sister” in the fraternity. I can’t remember which year but I co-chaired SOS and was the chair of the cultural arts programs.

I am currently a first vice president with Merrill Lynch. What a treat to look back to my 20s. My 13-year-old son thought this was a riot.

Fern Grossman Schwartz ’77

Pittsburgh, Pa.

I recognized myself in the recent From the Archives photo in the Fall 2004 issue. I am the person in the top right of the photo. To the immediate left of me is Robert Kaelblein.

George Palmer ’75 (social work)
West Chester, Ohio

Although I have no recollection of having been in the picture, the second person from the left edge is me – the one with the glasses and Phi Kappa T-shirt. I wasn’t Phi Kappa (that I can remember) as philosophically I was, in fact, a GDI. That year, I made a conscious effort to crash different functions I had no business being at and getting in these kinds of pictures. Some of the photos that have turned up like this were the weddings of people I didn’t know, RIT faculty meetings, police line-ups, classes I was not registered for that had a lot of females, Rotary Club meetings, etc.

I also had an incredible crush on a girl who used to work up in the “cage” in the photography school. I may still hold the record for checking out the most equipment in a year – not because it was needed for studio work, but it was an excuse to talk to and gaze at her.

I now live in Dallas, Texas, where I am a free-lance television commercial producer with Rocket Productions.

Jordan Kaiser ’74 (photography)
Dallas, Texas

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