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Tech whiz Alex would fit right in at RIT

President Simone & Shiela Sarratore
Doonesbury © 2005 G. B. Trudeau. Reprinted with permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.

RIT has made national news again – this time in the funny pages. On Oct. 26, Doonesbury featured RIT as a potential college choice for Alex Doonesbury, a technology whiz and daughter of the comic strip’s title character.

The entire RIT community was abuzz over the coverage. The comic strip generated stories on Rochester television and radio and in the Democrat and Chronicle. President Simone pointed out the truth behind the reference, noting, “RIT does have students who hold patents.” He also shared RIT’s pride and amazement at what he called an “out of the blue” occurrence.

RIT would be an excellent choice for Alex, who got a perfect score on her SAT exams, holds five patents and is planning a career in engineering. In a statement from Universal Press Syndicate, Doonesbury’s creator Garry Trudeau said he used RIT “because it’s one of the premier institutes of technology.”

Becca Nelson